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Footwear That Doesn't Fall Short

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  • Footwear That Doesn't Fall Short

    Making comfy sneakers a top footwear choice can help older people avoid potentially dangerous falls.

    A new study revealed that, in a group of people aged 65 and older, the people in the group who wore mostly sneakers experienced fewer falls than the people who tended to wear lace-up oxfords, heels, or other kinds of footwear. Walking barefoot in stocking feet was most likely to lead to a fall.

    I usually don't editorialize, but, ya'll...I've seen more people (older)who fall never really recover from something as simple as a fall; when I read this, I felt like running out and MAKING my parents wear sneakers with all their clothes...regardless of where they are going (church, out to dinner, etc.). To me, this is just a really good preventative step to take. Oh, well...that's me! Slainte, ya'll!