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    Feast on a few pecans---and help your heart. Pecans are high in fat, but almost 90 percent of the fat in pecans is heart-healthy. Pecans have a high concentration of a fatty acid that's found in olive oil and other monosaturated fats. These monosaturated fats can hekp keep cholesterol in the healthy range.

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    Personally i like almonds... which are unique in some of their qualities and are great for changing the PH level of your body which has been shown to resist cancers and a whole host of diseases when it is more acidic. Also, they have found that dieters who eat almonds lose more weight than dieters with the same caloric intake but who are not eating almonds. hmmmm.


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      I knew almonds are food for the health---I didn't know they were that good!


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        Here's another thing about almonds... this was a little snippet in the Oct. 5, 2004 issue of Women's World:

        Eat the Other Nutter Butter

        It's almond butter! Its high levels of vitamin E are an asset that the Journal of American Medical Association reports can lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's by 70%! Two tablespoons a day helps protect cells from age-related damage, reports nutritionist Pamela Fowler-Graham, R.D.