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  • ...yeah, that'd be cool...I think! Am so pumped that I actually brought workout clothes to change physical changes won't come as fast as yours, but, this works for me. BCNU...on the incline!!


    • I think you made a fantastic point.... everyone has to find something that works for them... we're not all the same.

      Well i got up very late today... too late to exercise before work ...i'll have to try after!

      have a great day, TM!


      • I'm all for getting in better shape, HollyElise. Sounds like you're more disciplined and committed than I am, though, which is a good thing. I need to start drinking more water, which is something I've always had a problem doing, am trying to eat a bit healthier, but really need to start working out. Got a membership to the Y for that purpose, but do you think my schedule yet allows me to get there? Not on your life! <Groan!> Maybe a few minutes each morning before work, I suppose..... it's better than nothing!
        As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


        • Yes, it IS better than nothing! That's why i've been recommending those books that have short routines that you can do at home (8 to 15 minutes!... see earlier posts in this thread).

          LOL!!!!!!!!! ... i don't know about more dedicated! Plenty of days i miss exercise! I just figure if i keep trying to improve and don't give up that one day i'll get there!

          I'll tell you a tip that's been helping me drink more water... i paid $10 for a large nalgene water bottle. It's made of harder plastic that doesn't leech into the water and it has ounce and milliliter marks on the side (up to 1000ml / 32 oz). You start by having a goal of drinking at least one bottle every day.... then when that's an established habit, you go for two and then three bottles a day. I carry it everywhere, and i figured i need to drink one bottle by noon, refill and drink another in the afternoon, and a third between 6 and bedtime.

          I did yoga today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had fun, too.


          • Okay guys, i have a couple of exercise dvd reviews for you....

            Power 90.... I'm going to give it a bit longer, but i'm finding the routines a bit boring, awkward, and the guy is not much of a motivational speaker. The program overall though, has great reviews from most people who try it, and it is tough... so if you've been interested in it, i would still give it a try. It's cheap to try out, too... something like $9.95 or $15.95 for the first dvd package.


            Core Secrets with Gunnar Peterson... i'm giving this **** (four stars)! It comes with an ab ball, again, it's very cheap to try out the first package, the first routine is only 20 minutes, its not complicated to follow but still interesting and moves fast... the guy i think is a very good motivational speaker, and the ball is FUN, versitile, and has an interesting effect on working your abs.


            OKAY YOU LAZY SLOTHS! (just kidding!) ...what are you guys doing?


            • i'm definitely hit and miss with my exercising and eating habits... this is DEFINITELY a "no guilt" health club.

              You do know i need you guys to keep going, don't you?

              How are you guys doing on water? ... i was doing okay for a while but i've been terrible at it for the last several days.