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    Flexing your mental muscle may help you live longer.

    In a study, people with the best memory skills and the greatest ability to process and deal with new problems have the lowest mortality rates regardless of other health factors. Exercise your mind regularly by reading, performing taasks with your non-dominant hand, and playing word and memory games.

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    then that my explain why wonan live longer than men do. now for all the men out there please not be afended no disregard intended,


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      Actually, Texas, Alzeimer's research indicates that what is most effective for keeping the brain sharp is learning new things, as distinguished from a regular intellectual hobby like doing crosswords your whole life. Challenging your brain in new ways, particularly by using fine motor skills (your hands) stimulates the brain to generate new cells, thus keeping in rejuvenated. In other words, if you've done needlepoint your whole life, that is good. But if you went out now and learned auto-mechanics or Italian when you'd never done anything remotely like that before, your brain would go, "OH WOW!" ...and be even more stimulated. They are also finding changes in surroundings are helpful (like travel and moving). Change is good!


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        grey matter

        I concur with the excersise of the brain.I don't get out much any more and therefore I use the computer a lot.I research different things,read all different news articles etc..and run a game board on another site.Even in the last few months my sons have introduced me to mystery games..I never played games on the computer before.Solving some of these games can take weeks.Keeps the brain active.


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          One quick, relatively easy way to add some stimulation is to go home from work in a different way, or try writing with your non-dominant hand. Your input is VERY welcome---when it comes to our health, every bit of information is helpful!