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Neck Muscles !!

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  • Neck Muscles !!

    Okie anyone suffered from weak muscles in the neck...the one's in the
    right side of my neck are preventing the damage from the frozen
    shoulder(since xmas last year)to be repaired...also I have to re-align
    the ligaments in my upper arm, I just thought that everything
    was recovering nicely and then the pains and weakness came back without
    warning, thats when the nexk problem came to light !!

    I am so fed up with not being able to do the things I take for granted...
    even holding a cup in right hand is an impossibility some days !!

    Will be going to doctors to ask it a neck support might aid in recovery !!

    If that doesn't work does anyone have a big paper bag to put me in and
    shake me up...I may just come out all well...lolol

    Have to laugh cos crying gives Panda Eyes...hehehe

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    Good luck with that Babz, I'm sure there is something to remedy it!!!
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      Oh, Babz...I wish that I could suggest something spific,...but, I can't! It sounds like a problem physical therapy could help with...your doctor should be able to get you some help...good luck, and let us know how you are doing..OK?


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        Wish it was that easy tex, I have been having physio for the last
        few months and it doesn't seem to be getting better...I really
        wanted acupuncture but the doc wanted to let me try physio first !!

        Oh well it does get me out of doing some of the housework...lolololol

        Gotta laugh cos I don't want people to know how bad it is and hurting !!


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's a GOOD IDEA to try physical therapy're dealing with your health and body now, and need to make sure nothing you're doing is making it worse. Physical therapy should be able to determine that. Physical therapy (PT) takes awhile to work, though. Many people get so impatient with it, though; they expect it to work as fast as...well, as some medicine, and, basically, it doesn't (or, can't!---muscles strengthen, and stretch, but they are NOT rubber bands!). However, in MANY cases, it does takes patience, some hard work (maybe) and perserverence. Good luck! Let us know how you
          re doing...OK? I, for one, look forward to seeing your posts here...


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            Hello Babz. Just curious. Are you sure this is all muscle and ligament issues, and not nerve or cervical spine related?


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              Hi blessed

              Its nothing to do with spine as that is ok...don't need more probs
              than I already

              I have been doing the neck exercises that was told to...not overdoing
              them tho...and I have got a very slight improvement in them, even
              though my neck is aching by night time !!

              Some of the exercise for all the problem are still hard to do but as
              long as I do a couple at least 5 times a day I am getting movement !!

              I have to type with my arm resting on my desk to give it support and
              by the time I have finished in here it kills !!


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                Hi, Babz! Did anyone suggest that U try applying some moist heat to the area of your neck U R stretching? (This helped
                me some when I was a patient.) But, of course, check it out with your therapist. It sounds like your exercises are are getting the return of some movement; that's great! "Hang in there"; stick with WILL work. Let us know how U R...OK?!


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                  If you don't mind me asking, how did this happen?


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                    Blessed11, Are you 'talking' to me? I was in a car wreck, and severly injured; I 'went through' physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy (I was really 'messed up' from the injury)---all this takes time, and a real determination to see it through to the end, but, in most cases, all this does work...So, Babz...just keep at it! Progress will be slow, and it will be in bits...but, the body DOES respond to therapy...e-mail when yoiu get discxouraged...and we'll encourage you...just remember to 'put one foot in front of the other'!


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                      I used to be a COTA, but gave it up because of the insurance issues and stuff, it was getting more and more twisted into a type of physical therapy which blew the whole philosophy behind it.


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                        So, Blessed11, you DO KNOW that all these therapies really work! That's cool. Y'know, I know so many people that just give up when they don't get results in one or two weeks...mine took months of hard work...and just stubboen's so sad when people just quit!


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                          I think they work, but people want it today. People are being shuffled in and out of the hospital so fast, it's more like the local Jiffy-lube!

                          By the way -- hysterical women??? How ancient is your doctor anyway?


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                            Back again...I have a little more mobility in my shoulder and upper arm
                            so the exercises are doing the business !!

                            I am not really bothered how long it takes I just know that it will if I
                            do as told !!

                            I shall ask the physio about putting heat around the neck, she is used to
                            me questioning

                            If blessed was asking me how it happened...I don't morning
                            I just couldn't lift with right hand and things got gradually worse
                            to the stage of not being able to hold even a cup !!


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                              I don't know how it happened and I don't know how it is better but
                              one morning I woke and all the pain gone and I have full mobility in
                              my arm again !!

                              Hope it stays like this !!