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Healthy Dinner Guidelines

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  • Healthy Dinner Guidelines

    * Make color a part of the picture. The deeper the color of the foods, the more the nuitrition.

    * Add-in extras to casseroles, soups, and salads. Use legunmes, black beans, shredded zuchini, diced peppers, and shredded carrots, or whtever your family likes.

    * Use whole grain breads and roll, such as barley or quinoa.

    * Add veggies and fruits to the meal whenever ppossble.

    * Serve one item that you know everyone will like. (Is this the time to make ice cream a vegettable?! )

    * Soft-sell the benefits of eating a berry slad, glazed carots, or barley soup.

    * Put an end to snacking at least 2 hours before dinner---that way kids will have a good apppetite.

    * Let kids decide what they'll eat and how much.

    * Make dinner a relaxing, calming time.