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    Putting fish on the menu once per week might cut your risk of Alzheimer's disease in half.

    Research shows that diets high in omega-3 fatty acids are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease. In a study, eating fish rich in Omega-3s at least once per week appeared to reduce Alzheimer's disease risk by 60 percent compared to rarely or never eating fish.

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    Ohh! Well, I put fish high in mega 3 (salmon, tuna, sardines etc) them on the shopping list, and I put them on the menu, but, well, what often happens is that I put them in the cat!

    OK, I do get to eat *some*.

    Hmmm - it suddenly strikes me the power relationship here is ..ahem.somewhat sub-optimal. Or a right old mess, to use the technical term. After all, I am the one with the opposable thumb, and the tin-opening ability.

    YES, power shall be mine! I *will* take over! Well, that is, unless the cat does sneaky stuff like make a cute face and say miiaaoouuww, or any cheating like that.


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      WOW...I do the same thing with some of my omega-3s---at least my cat is healthy! I didn't catch the eror in the topic...I wonder what it is s'posed to say?