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  • Osteoarthritis

    WHAT IS OSTEOARTHRITIS? Osteoarthritis is a joint disease where your cartilage---the spongy tissue that cuahions your joints---gradually wears away, and your bones rub together. OA can develop in any joint, but especially in your hands, knees, hips, and back.

    WHO GETS IT? The wear and tear of life contributes to OA, but overweight people, older women, and people with joint injuries are most at risk for this disease.

    WHAT ARE THE SYMPTONS? *morning joint stiffness *painful, swollen, tender joints *joints that crack often

    HEALTHY HABITS---You need a well-rounded gane plan to win the war against oateoarthritis (OA). Try these tips to tackle this disease once and for all.

    SHED EXTRA POUNDS---Being overweight puts pressure on your joints. Lose those handles, and you could improve your arthritis or even prevent it.

    GET MOVING---Stronger muscles means stronger joints and less chance of OA, especially in your knees. Talk with your doctor about trying gentle exercises, like swimming and walking, and follow his advice.

    TREAT YOUR TOOTSIES RIGHT---Choose shoes with enough support in to cushion your joints, and consier using wedge
    inserts. People in one study found that putting a 5-degree wedge in their shoes eased pressure on their knees without affecting their movement.

    SEEK OUT SUPPORT---Learning about arthritis and sharing your worries with other people who have it can reduce pain and make for better living.