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    WHAT ARE MUSCLE CRAMPS? These are painful, uncontrollable spasms or tightening in a muscle that can last for minutes, hours, or days. Sometimes the muscle can harden or twitch. Cramps most often occur in the thigh, calf, or foot.

    WHO GETS THEM? Nighttime calf cramps are common among seniors. If you over-exercise, are dehydrated, have a nutrient imbalance, take certain medications, suffer from thyroid or nerve disorders or cardiovascular disease, or are a woman, you are more at risk for muscle cramps.

    WHAT ARE THE SYMPTONS? *a tight, knotted, or hard feeling in a muscle *sudden, shooting pain *soreness, general weakness, and fatigue

    HEALTHY HABITS---You can take ontrol over most kinds of muscle cramps by following these tips: *Eat a well rounded diet to keep your heart and muscles strong and your weight steady. *Prevent muscle strain by clearing stairways, halls, and all walking space of clutter. When outdoors, watch for ice patches, water spills, debris, and anything else that may cause you to trip or fall. *Wear proper fitting shoes. Replace old ones as soon as the tread wears out or the heel becomes uneven. *Get the green light from your doctor before you leap into a new sport, exercise, or physical activity. *Warm up and stretch regularly. *Hold off on exercise when you're tired or in pain *Stick to flat surfaces when you run, walk, or jog *Prop up your feet with a pillow if you frequently get leg cramps at night. Or dangle them off the bed's edge while lying face down. This keeps you from flexing your feet and triggering a cramp.