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  • So Eat Your Spinach Already

    "To get the most bang for your buck" in protecting against serious disease, eat "powerhouse" fruits and vegetables packed with the most nutrients and antioxidents, says researcher Marilyn S. Nanney of the St, Louis University School of Public Health.

    Generally, the more intense the color, the better. Dark salad greens, broccoli and spinach, for instance, provide more benefits than iceberg lettuce or celery.

    The nutrients in carrots, winter squash, cantaloupe and oranges, trump those in corn; cauliflower is a tougher disease-fighter then oniion; and tomatoes, red peppers and strawberries are more potent than apples.

    Nanney says while nutrition guidelines suggest eating five servings a day of fruits and vegetables, they don't say which ones are best in preventing disease.