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    Don't Go Super Low---Opting for a lower fat diet can help improve your overall health, but don't go too low. A diet with a moderate amount of fat in it may be best for health. In a recent study, both moderate and very-low-fat diets of similar calaories helped overweight people lower their bad cholesterol, but only the ones on the moderate-fat diet maintained their healthy levels of good cholesterol. The caveat: the moderate-fat dieters stuck to unsaturated forms of fat.

    An Intense Discussion---Engaging in low-intensity exercises not only will burn extra calories, but it may also safeguard your heart. A recent study compared the effects of different kinds of exercise on the cholesterol levels of older women. After several weeks, heart-friendly cholesterol changes were observed in the women regardless of whether they performed high- or low-intensity exercises. The heart benefits depended on how long, not on how hard, they exercised.