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  • Better Fast Food Choices

    We all eat from fast food are some :McDONALD'S: Best Picks: Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait with Granola (combined with a toasted English muffin and one pat margarine for a meal)
    Chicken McGrill: Order it with no mayo and with extra tomatoes.
    Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad: (with Newman's Own Creamy Caesar dressing)

    WORST PICKS: Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Spanish Omelette Bagel, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Big Mac

    PIZZA HUT: BEST PICKS: Fit'n Delicious Pizza, Thin 'n Crispy Pizza: Veggie Lover's; Thin 'n Crispy Pizza: Ham and Pineaple

    WORST PICKS: Stuffed Crust Pizza, Super Supreme, Meat Lover's; 16-inch Big New Yorker Pizza: Meat Lover's, Pepperoni Lover's, Sausage Lover's or Super Supreme; All Other Varieties of Stuffed Crust and 16-inch Big New Yorker Pizza

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    with Newman's Own Creamy Caesar dressing)

    For a while when my job situation was a little on the quiet side, (I did not have one) I made the stuff for half the week. The other half was "Big Mac Sauce" Talk abot a varied career. The owner was most upset when I got a job in my own profesion, master mariner, earning more than he did. Hey, both these sauces were made with the best of stuff so do not be worried about eating them.


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      I LOVE the ocean...but I get horribly seasick when out of sight of the shore...and in rough seas...I admire your ability to get over that!


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        Its all in the mind, or is it the ear. Seems if you have a good sense of ballance, which is all to do with the inner ear, you are less likely to be sea sick. I don't know cos I have never been seasick. Most people get over it, some sooner than others but some never get over it. ME?? could have something to do with being brought up near the lump of water in the pic below. I was a week old my first time in boat so I learned early.


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          That is a beautiful picture!! Which sea is that? When I was in Scotland, I got to see the North Sea, and was SO EXCITED, because I'd read stories mentining that actually seeing it was an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I have a brother who is absolutely "batty" about the sea...he just loves it, and everything about it! I guess you live near the sea, do you? The Gulf of Mexico is near where I live; a muddier body of water would be hard to find!


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            Hi again. The picture is of a whirlpool, second largest and the largest static in the world, at the north end of the island of Jura, and is known a Corryvreckan and the stretch of water is known as the Gulf of Corryvreckan which joins the sound of Jura to the Atlantic. Rather than burble on here I will post a load of web sites for you to peruse at your leisure. Sad to say I now live about 40 miles from the sea but seeing I work on it and see it every day for half my life, its no great problem really, though I do miss the the islands and all they have to offer.



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              Jura seems absolutely beautiful! It must be a very interesting place to know; and wasn't that heather in one of those pictures? (it was a soft purple) It is so pretty.
              It seems like that would be a perfect place to "escape to"; I wonder what it's like to live there? BTW, thanks for listing all those sites...I'll enjoy visiting them...


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                "Jura seems absolutely beautiful! It must be a very interesting place to know."

                It certaimly is. A wealth of natural beauty and loads of wildlife to go with it. There is masses of purple heather and if you search carefully you may even find some white heather, thought to bring luck when a piece was worn on your lapel. Peace and tranquility you will struggle to find more of anywhere in the world, and I have seen plenty of that, so to escape there means just that, ESCAPE. Living there can get a little quiet but with modern transport links you are not too far from civilisation though it is 2 hrs on the ferry to the mainland and another 2 1/2 to Glasgow, the nearest city. Theres usually a good night to be had with the locals in the pub or you can stay at in and enjoy the serenity of the place. Well worth a visit, even fot wee ones.


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                  I'd LOVE to go...I swear, in "my other life", I must have been a "rolling stone"! I'd certainly like to be one in this life---within certain limits...