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    I need help. Anyone know a person wth MS in Scotland? I want to buy a house but need to know if it is hard to get around and if the weather is terrible on a Ms body. Help me please. And thanks to whomever tells a friend.

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    this site

    Hi, Susandel!! Have you looked at the messages posted by me---"Texasmujer"? The reason I ask is that I'm still learning which site to use to reply to the different posts. So, if you look at the ones by me, I list the sites that I think can give you the information you are loooking for. I willk continue to look for your site...I'm a social worker (NOT practizing at the moment), and maybe, just maybe I can locate some things that can be of help to you. And, by the way...I live in Texas, USA, but perhaps there are some things I can help you with. Let's see!!---Texasmujer


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      Susandel, although I've just found this website and you posted in August last year, I thought I'd reply anyway.

      I'm unsure why you think you wouldn't be able to get around Scotland because of the MS.

      I got diagnosed with the same thing myself about 10years ago, and it really isn't a big issue (although pubs with loos downstairs are a bit of a pain). Weatherwise, not sure, my first two episodes did happen 2 winters in a row (I did ask the doc if I could be flown out to sunnier climes from December to March, to no avail - lol).

      If you ever notice this I hope it helps.


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        That's just what Britain needs. Another drain on resources.


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          Hello, chris220. You know, normally one would follow that with "and welcome to" but in this case I think I'll have to omit that bit, UNLESS you can explain why your remark was not thoroughly nasty.

          As soon as you like.

          AND I think you might want to explain that to the moderater of this forum too.

          Now, as this is quite an old thread, I do not know whether Susandel is still looking in, but might I suggest that this site

          would be a good place to try.

          I dod not know what sort of weather you are used to, Susandel. Most places you might want to go do have to provide disabled access, but I don't know if you mean you use a wheelchair , or can sometiems get around , or what.

          If you are still reading this thread, come back and we'll try to help.

          (I'm sure I have read about a clever scheme that provides transport for shopping or theatre trips to people with mobility problems. It might only be in certain places, of course. Let me know if you want to to look for it.)


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            Susandel may check again, but in the meantime, I'll send that address to a friend of hers, who will then forward the address to her; she'll get it eventually, I can promise. Isn't "Chris220" a ray of sunshine?

            This is for "Chris220": MS is a neuromuscular disease in which the person with the disease loses control of their muscles...maybe you don't fully realize what this means...therefore , because you don't understand, you can make such a heartless comment like you did. I don't know anyone who volunteers for this disease, "Chris220". Life is not the same for someone with MS; it is one of continual struggle to do even the most mundane activities. This disease can strike anyone, regardless of who they are, or what they had done in life; in other words, the strongest, most independent person can come down with this disease, after which they would have no choice but to get on public assistance/have help with living their life---and you make ctiticize this need? Public assistance is a godsend in this
            instance---to me, this is just the reason for public assistance. I hope you made that statement out of ignorance and not heartlessness.

            [Edited by Texasmujer on 30th April 2004 at 22:43]


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              Firstly, MS is NOT chiefly a "neuromuscular disease". Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, inflammatory, demyelinating condition of the central nervous system. IE. the immune system attacks the coating around the nerve endings. This I know because I have this condition also. I am also aware of how much the treatment is. Having conversed with this individual previously, I have learned that she appears to be afflicted with all manner of problems. Hardly the criteria for prospective citizens especially when Scotland fails so ridiculously at specialist healthcare. Harsh? Maybe. Accurate? Probably.


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                Well, this is not the time to get into a disagreement over words. I'm sorry you have this struggle; yes, in my opinion, your assessment of Susandel's situation was HARSH...and REALISTIC; however, there is not much leeway when
                dealing with a reality that, in itself, is harsh and unfair.
                I really wish you the best possible outcome.


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                  Multiple Sclerosis

                  This link should explain all there is to know...

                  Multiple Sclerosis