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Thanks for your help crying-charlie!

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  • Thanks for your help crying-charlie!

    Thank You crying charlie! I am new to this sort of thing but I am now SERIOUSLY thinking about my dream! THANKS SO MUCH!!

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    Hi NCSCOT, I don't know if you still post but if you do, I am glad I helped in some way. I was Crying Charlie on here.

    2 years on from my father being told he had 6 months, he is still here but I have to admit he is fading and now has to have blood every 2 weeks. But he is still fightig the Cancer.


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      My Prayers Are With You

      Hello "Crying Charlie" ? Hotwheels ? I have been so busy in the last few months having traveled to California to do a 13 week contract. Wow, am I ever so glad to be back home!!
      I hope your father has seen a turn for the better and that his condition has stabilized. There aren't any people on earth like your parents!! My parents were absolutely the best, my father died about 2 years ago and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him! My mother is 79 years old and still quite active helping at the church and being involved in all of her children's and grandchildren's lives.
      Please stay in touch.


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        Hi again NCSCOT

        Hope everything was good with your trip and contract.

        I am sorry to say that my Father passed away on the 18th September 2003. We are all now coming to terms with it but as you know things get a wee bit better every day.

        My Mother is the one that has taken real bad but we are all there for her and love her very much.

        Speak soon

        "Crying Charlie" aka Hotwheels


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          Hello Charlie!

          Take care of your mother and cherish every day you have her. I truly believe I will see my father again in Heaven, I pray for the mercy of Our Lord to guide me through this life so I can. I am looking forward to an autumn holday and my mother will be with us to enjoy it. Charlie ~ you know your father is in a better place. Prepare to see him again. God Bless.


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            Oh, Crying-Charlie. I had no idea you were back as Hotwheels and I am really pleased to see you back. NOT so happy to hear the bad news about your Dad, though. I am sorry to hear that - what a terrible time for you and you mother.


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              Hello Crying's good to see you as's a MUCH happier name...I'm sorry about your dad, but you are so right about cherishing our parents...Bye now...


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                Hi Hotwheels (AKA Crying Charlie)
                Are you still at Cellardyke, It seems a long long time ago since we met in the Smugglers Inn in Anster. I still look at the pic's that were taken.
                Glad to see that you are recovering from your bereavment and hope you will continue to do so.
                All the best and take care

                PRO LIBERTATE