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    yes polwarth you are a very very small number you and the kosher butchers there is a little lef, and yes the meat is really expensive ,kosher butchers charge a fortune because the meat has 2 b blessed by a rabbi, and your brother monitors his own meat ,but i am talking about the larger general public ,you r fortunate unlike the rest ,so i think you should conssider yoursel luckyt those and the jewish peolple buy for everyone else you r on your own ................
    maybe polwarth might know this is the percentage of meat allowed in aburger to qualify is like 17% or not far away the rest is well you know ..........................


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      I live in cattle country in Canada - and feel 100% confident in the safety of our beef supply. We have very stringent safety rules, and frequent inspections. Also, there are no parts of the cow used for sale that could carry the BSE (mad-cow) disease. After BSE was discovered in a Canadian cow two years ago - beef sales went up, as the public rallied to support their farmers.

      When George Bush visited Canada a short time ago he made a point of saying he had eaten Alberta beef.

      As for the 17% rule - that is the first I have ever heard of anything like that -the burger sold here is 100% beef. We eat a lot of beef - although the meat in my freezer came from a cow that was given to us by a neighbour. I processed it myself - from start to finish, so I know where it came from.


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        sheerokee when you go to big macs and they sell you all all beef patty for a buck ,you are not getting an all beef patty,that is for sure ,if you think you are then join the millions who are chomping on bovine leftovers ,yes you friend may be giving you beef to make burgers is a test goi to macdonalds or to any of these murdering low life spineless corporate lowlifes buy a half or quarter pounder leave it on the counter and get your all beef burger on the counter and watch where the decomposition comes from i bet your friends burger is first 55% of americans are sick and overweight and it is because of the garbage they shove in their faces ,but you see all corporations love sick people ,wallgreens,pharmacuticals macdonalds ,being sick is a bussiness,bieng healthy well there is not much money to be made from healthy individuals try it sheer and see all burgers in the big plpaces are mostly preservatives and that burger will stay on your countertop and go hard befor it decoposes,you do not need to believe me try it and see 4 your self.dying and all part of dying is a great business anyone who refuses to believe it out to get out more


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          I was referring to burger that you buy from a meat shop or a local grocery. That meat is locally grown and processed. As for the stuff they serve at McDonalds, I know its not good for you - and I don't doubt they put preservatives in it - I think that all the food additives we eat are the cause of much of the cancer that now seems so prevalent. We as a culture have gotten greedy as well - we are eating far more than we did in the past. Way too much fat.(I am being a complete hypocrite in writing this by the way).

          One of the french fry suppliers to McDonalds is near where I live. Their secret ingredient - sugar. They sweeten the fries.

          We eat a far bit of wild game as well - but now they are telling us that even that can pose health risks - because of stuff in the environment.

          As for hot dogs, bologna etc. - a butcher told me to watch out for any products that contain "mechnically seperated beef, chicken, or pork" . Mechanically seperated means they throw all the bits and pieces of an animal into a drum, which is then spun at high speed, and the "mechanically seperated" "meat" is then scraped of the outside of the drum. Mmmmmmm.

          Well, I'm off to eat my spam sandwich (told you I was a hypocrite).


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            yes sheer you are right if you need an eye opener buy the book FAST FOOD AMERICA,it is something else ,most people really do not give a dam about what they eat ,i used to be a waiter in a middle of the road restaraunt and on sundays we would have an all you can eat buffet it was $5.99 and all the nasty greedy fattest people with all their kids would come in and eat themselves sick ,it was a carnival of human shame i tell you ,it gave me an insight to how low people will go to get something for free ,i used to watch all those people and almost throw up and they used to leave a tip that was absolutely shameful , i watchewd a fat man eat 10m plates one time and he complained ,yes complained what a pig he was and gredd is the weakness of human beings this will kill them and ultimately lead to a great demise ,it is said the masses were always accountable for all the disasters their greed and stupidity is what causes problems yet they will never learn ,but that is what the populus loves greed the b ling leading the blind , oh and they deserve everything they get