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Ahhh! Mad Cows! Mooooo!!

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  • Ahhh! Mad Cows! Mooooo!!

    Is mad cow disease still a problem in Europe?? The local media has stopped reporting about it.
    Prayer has comforted us in sorrow, and will help strengthen us for the journey ahead-George W. Bush

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    You are right there is not a lot of media coverage about mad cow now
    thats because there have not been any notified cases for a while.

    One way round the fear of this is to be vegetarian like me !!


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      Thanks Babz!
      Prayer has comforted us in sorrow, and will help strengthen us for the journey ahead-George W. Bush


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        I've seen someone on this discussion board talk about how good-tasting Scottish beef is (probably on the Cuisine board). But, I've wondered since then if Mad Cow Disease has been a problem in Scotland. Am living in the States, and it's been shared that Mad Cow originated over in Britain (but am not sure what part of Britain). So, even Scottish beef is a bit suspect to me, too, not to be offensive to Scots or anything.

        Used to be an ovo-lacto vegetarian for about 20 years, but not any more. But, because of mad-cow disease, have a friend who keeps trying to convince me to become one again. This will never happen, but I do want to be careful. If I ever do make it over to Scotland, am just wondering if the beef or lamb (scrapie) is safe.


        As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


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          No Scottish herd was EVER reported as having carried Variant C-JD - aka MCD.

          Scrapie is also a notifiable disease and would cause whole flocks to be put down. Haven't heard about a case of scrapie for many, many years.

          If it wasn't safe, do you seriously believe our govt would allow the sale of beef and lamb?


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            Actually, I'd never heard of scrapie until I went online and was trying to do research on mad cow disease. But, you know, I'm glad to read your post, Polwarth. The only way to get mad cow, anyway, is if anything connected to the brain or spinal cord is eaten, so really, not too awfully easy to get, I'd think, depending on what part of the meat is eaten.

            As far as the government allowing it if it was tainted, that's hard to say. I don't really know much about Scotland's government (except that it ultimately goes back to the Queen), but here in the States there are enough special interest groups that put plenty of pressure on the government that, in my opinion, it caves in to their demands at times. And the beef association here is huge. A few years back, there were some cattle in Washington State (where I live) that were found to be infected with Mad Cow, the government did have that particular herd destroyed and tried its best to trace it back to its original owner.... however, it did continue to allow the sale of beef, ground beef included. So, it was kind of scary for a while; my family stopped eating beef for a time until enough time had elapsed that we felt safe to eat it again.
            As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


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              Believe me, I know exactly what part of the cow to avoid - I never buy anything but AberdeenAngus beef - and buy my own beef to mince, rather than the shop processed stuff.

              I NEVER stopped eating beef as I did not ever buy the cheap cuts of meat where the infection lurked. My family has never been fed processed foods like pies etc - I've always made my own. We have been completely confident in the quality of meat that we can and have purchased in Scotland.

              Our special interests groups are not as powerful as yours, otherwise the thousands of head of beef would not have been sacrificed - and whole villages lose their livelihoods. Obviously I think our way is better than yours!


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                I wouldn't be a bit surprised!
                As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


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                  Not a bit surprised, anyway, if your guys' way was better than ours in that respect.
                  As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


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                    mad cow disease has been around for ages it is just that it ha s become more prevalent and the government had to act upon it ,when you eat a dead cow you are eating a bunch of parasites yet peole are blinded by a good old pile of meat.
                    people are just not interested or like they are just do not want to hear the truth , which the government loves always as long as people are stuffing dead animals in their face what does the govt care .
                    a beef burger is a compilation of approx one hundred cows killed in the abbbatoir and you do not think that you can get anyhthing from a burger that has a hundred dead cows shoved into that little patty.
                    but the govt does work to blind the masses and as l,ong as the craving for meat goes on the beef barons will march on in their plight ,i have been to an abbotoir and saw carnage ata rate that is beyond belief ,they have a trough in the middle of the abbatoir and that is where all the leftover parts are shoved into blood and whatever entrails and it goes to a hopper and there you have it .
                    my god if you think you are eating an all beef patty for a dollar or pound ,you seriously need to put down what yopu are smoking and back away from what is dulling your cranium'
                    to buy a wholesale beef burger it costs three cents or pence wholesale ,i know a person that used to have a burger stand .and he would go to the wholesalers and the guy would tell us the beef content and to pass regs it only has to be a minimal amount the rest can be whatever ...oh an hot dogs ..well there is a saying you r what you eat


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                      Precisely my point. In the UK, the safeguards are now so stringent that it would be hard to add contaminated meat parts to food production.

                      And I have NEVER bought those weird coloured 'meats'...

                      Time America stopped pointing the finger at European meat and looked to clean its own house, maybe?


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                        Wow was a surprised to see a very old thread brought forward but
                        its a good one !!

                        I buy Beef for my hubby and its always Scottish as no other will taste the same!!

                        BTW I am still a vegetarian !!


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                          Good for you, Babz.

                          We eat vegetarian meals about 3 nights out of seven, and don't feel the lack of meat in our diet. BUT, we do eat a totally balanced diet - and veggies are as good for you as meat! Balance is the best way forward, I think.


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                            people actally for that stringent food obsevation dung.bribery is rampant in the meat industry.these people are all in bed 2gether .this is hysterical ,you think beef and pig farmers have a gentlemnas agreement.not bleeding is so easy especially in england for inspectors to be given a little reward to turn a blind eye , heres a thing as long as people will sell themselves for a lousy paycheck you think an inspector who will b given a coule of grand not to stop the operations of a multi million dollar industry.
                            listen bootm line thje average family struggle from one paycheck 2 another and you think somone who is doing a job gives a crap if a few things slip by in the meat plant...please it is amazing what a couple of grand does ,,and all those people who say no are full of it people work for apaycheck and would turnn it down.
                            if you need to now some truth buy the book FAST FOOD AMERICA....there is a paragraph in it where macdonalds has a fast food plant in mexico and some guy lost his finger in the machine he was given comp and sent home for aweek or two plus he was well silenced do you seriously think big mac can shut down an assembly line in a multi million dollar biz if you do please send me what the hell you are taking...and i will try it.when man stops sellinh himself for apaycheck then i will believe all meat plants are run to stringent codes ,but in the mean tine enjoy your crap that is being shovelled down your neck , and oh!!!!!!! my best friend at school ended up being a slaughterman , and what he told me would even make the burger grow legs and hire an attorney..


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                              How many times do I have to repeat it? I don't buy cheap meat. My butcher has his own farm and slaughters his own beasts.

                              Bribes? How long since you've been in the UK? After CJD - it'snext to impossible to tamper with meat that goes in to the better supermarkets. Now, I cannot talk for the cheapo places here in the UK.... but Caveat Emptor is a good thing to live by?