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Executions in London

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  • Executions in London

    I found a family member, I'd have to look up the name and year again, but he was executed in London in... the 1700s I believe. Does anybody have a site or know of a way to find out WHY a particular person was executed in London?
    Thanks for the info in advance!

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    Hangings in London

    Most people who were the subject of public hangings in london were hung at Tyburn - which is now near the site of Marble Arch at the top end of Oxford Street, by Hyde Park, near where Speakers' Corner is nowadays.

    I don't know who would keep those records.

    Most condemned members of the nobility were executed at the Tower of London. They would certainly hold records of anyone who had passed through Traitor's Gate; which was the way the condemned usually entered the Tower!


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      If you know the name and date you could try searching in the English Public Records Office.