Evening Folks;
I just recently finished reading a book called "Reunion: Search for my ancestors." It's about a man here in the states that through a research process traces his heritage to the McDonald's of Glencoe and it's History of the massacre. Very good reading BTW.
Anyhow, In the book he describes getting a Y-Chromosome study done that traces the patriarchal line of DNA. It through a database there in Scotland is where he is able to make a very strong connection of his Lineage.

Now to my point, I am trying to trace my lineage of my Anderson Ancestors and make the connection back to Scotland. I have found my connection to Ireland without DNA use yet. (as a side note I did do a Mitochondrial study and it gave my a 85% profile of Irish/Scottish so I summarize it and call it my Gaelic/Celtic heritage). But is there anyone that has any first hand experience about this DNA study?