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McWhorter/McWhirter 1641 Irish Massacre Search

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  • McWhorter/McWhirter 1641 Irish Massacre Search

    I'm looking for more information on an ancestor of mine that has me captivated. The info I do have comes form a journal entry:

    "Our ancestress, Jean McWhirter (1670-1748), (She was a McWhirter before her marriage, but have no record of her father's Christian name) lost her maternal grandparents with nine of their ten children in this bloody massacre. Her mother, an infant, was saved by her nurse, who ran to the hill s with her and hid her so successfully the butcherers could not find her. Her parents were hung to a tree in front of their home, and the children were killed in various ways all over the place." "Plantation of Ulster," p. 19

    There is some confusion however on what Jean's maiden name is. This account indicates she was a McWhirter prior to marrying Hugh McWhorter 1670-1748. Which was common back then.

    However there are accounts of her maiden name possibly being Gillespie:
    "Although Hugh’s wife is most often referred to as Jane, her name in both the handwritten and typed copy of Hugh’s will is spelled "Jean". Jean’s maiden surname is unknown although the noted McWh*rter researcher, Davis L. McWhorter [db# 6234] thought that she was likely a Gillespie."

    Has anyone heard of this story or people involved? I'd love to discover Jean's parents, especially her mom who evidently was the surviving baby and her mother's grandparents but I'm not having any luck. Hoping this tragic story didn't get swept under the rug and lost, would love to restore their names and honor them. Please let me know if you have anything or have some direction where I might find anything?

    I've been storing all my research here: not to say it's correct, I'm at the 'compiling' stage at the moment.


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    This website is an American-owned site, so there are very few members who are Scots( although I am one!), and probably only 2or three Irish members.

    Nonr of my family were involved in the Plantation, so I have no links to any part of Ireland.

    Perhaps a search of the NI GRO records? If it then throws up info on where the Ulster family arrived FROM.... You could try our GRO?

    Good luck with your research!