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Scottish or Irish McLaughlin

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  • Scottish or Irish McLaughlin

    Just wondering about my heritage. I'm Australian, and my first ancestor (on my paternal line) was named Daniel McLaughlin, born in Ulster, Ireland, who came to Australia on a convict ship.

    I know that McLaughlin is both Scottish and Irish, but I thought perhaps because McLaughlin is just another form for the surname derived from Clan MacLachlan, that his family could of been Scots who emigrated to Ulster.

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    The family could have been Scots, moving to Ireland during the Plantation.

    The only way to discover that would be through Northern Irish records and then, hopefully, through that info back to somewhere in Scotland. NI has its own GRO as does Scotland, where all births, deaths and marriage records are held, as well as many old parish records. The service isn't free, but not to expensive if you try to ensure you use specific search questions.

    Good luck!