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descendant of kings Alexander I, Malcolm III, David I, and Duncan I

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    Genealogy websites

    You are definitely right about the genealogy websites. They can be crazy to navigate. And truly finding the right person can be hard with some common names. I have just gotten into myself. I have found some Scottish relatives, but also Irish, English, German, American Indian, and Dutch. The most unbelievable thing is that some people who came to America had their names changed. While they were a Goss, they were recorded as Gause.
    I am not hoping to find any royalty in my line. I just want to find the fearless ones, even if they weren't the most law abiding.


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      Originally posted by ANDY-J3 View Post
      Alexander I and David I were brothers so they weren't your 27th and 28th great grandfathers.
      You never know with those Royals though - they did get up to some curious things....

      But, seriously, the information posted on those genealogy websites is only as good as the research done by the person who uploaded their family tree. There are of course quite a few people who are descended from Royalty, but a lot of genealogies showing links such as this are more works of fiction than fact. I have even seen family trees on websites like that go back to Adam and Eve.