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  • Interesting bit of family history

    Hey all,

    My name is Kevin. I'm going to be moving to Scotland for 6 months soon so I've been looking into all sorts of things about the Scottish side of my family.

    According to my Grandma (she is my oldest living Scottish relative, but she is second generation i.e. born in the USA) our family was actually originally Irish and from Derry (I'm only calling it Derry because thats what she calls it. I don't want to get involved in a political debate).

    Supposedly, and this could just be family legend, a relative of mine jumped through the bass drum of someone from the Orange Order. Shortly after that, and this at least is true, he and his family moved to Scotland. It makes sense because it explains why my family is Catholic and 'Kellachan' is an Irish name I believe and not Scottish.

    It's interesting though because my family is actually very diverse politically. I'm pretty left-wing and at least half kinda lean right. Some of the right wing members of my family have called our original ancestor from Ireland (whoever he is) a terrorist. I don't really like to jump to any conclusions. I don't know what really happened and if that story is even partially true.

    However that happened a long time ago and my family have lived in Scotland and America for a very long time now. A few live in Canada too. I met my Scottish relatives a few years back when they came for my Aunts wedding. I'm probably going to stay with them for the first two weeks I arrive.

    I just thought I'd share that little piece of my family history with all of you.