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Douglas (s ) Clan Inforamtion

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  • Douglas (s ) Clan Inforamtion

    I'm looking for any information on the Douglas (s ) clan. My great-grandfather was a Douglass that immigrated to the US in 1880. There is little information on him and where he came from in Scotland. I would love to know more about him and if there is any family out there.

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    Here's some info on clan Douglas and all its spelling variants! History of the Douglas Family. RS is a Scottish-based site.

    I seem to recall reading that the Douglas' also have a clan society in either Canada or the USA, which may hold more relevant info for you.

    Sadly, there are no shortcuts in genealogy! You have to trace back to the first immigrant to your country in your direct family, generation by generation. Then you may be able to find out where he/she sailed from from Immigration records or passenger lists. Remember that many Borderers were part of the Plantation, and may have settled in Ireland for a number of generations before emigrating to the new world!

    Good luck in your search.