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McGill-Gildea-McCaskill east Kilbride Scotland

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  • McGill-Gildea-McCaskill east Kilbride Scotland

    I am from Arizona in the USA. Searching for some connections to family that are still alive in that immediate area of Kilbride. The last I knew Christina McCaskill lived at 260 Glen More West, who is the daughter of my ggma Bridget, which I am sorry I never met. She was born close to her brother Edward, but a bit younger. Her brother Edward McGill born in 1885 or 86 came on the ship over here to the US working on it for his keep. They went around The Cape. My mother Anna Marie received a letter from Christina over 20 years ago, with the above address on it. I would love to see if she is still alive or a connected family member is so that I can have contact with. Not only for research purposes I would love to be able to connect with them as FAMILY!
    My ggpa was born around the Glascow area, his sister Bridget who stayed in contact with him the whole time he was alive until her passing in 1980. She would send him 4 leaf clovers in the mail for his safekeeping. Her married name is Gildea. So it would be Bridget McGill Gildea.
    If someone could help or know of anybody who is a connection, please contact me here.
    Thank you: Brenda

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    A quick google using Gildea East kilbride brought up quite a few Gildeas. Perhaps one of the names is one you recognise?


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      thank you...I have done that....there is a change as I found that Catherine McCaskill was living in Port Glascow. Even located the little place she lived in. I am going to write and see if I can get somewhere that way.

      The mother Bridgett Gildea lived on Glen More.

      If anyone else has ideas, please contact me...
      Thank you for your reply it is appreciated.


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        You should be aware that this is an American-owned site. There are very few of us who are actually Scottish.

        Good luck with your quest.


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          appreciate your never know, there may be somebody who is in that area who could help.....


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            I need to make a change here, it is Catherine McCaskill in East Kilbride Scotland, there is a pic of her on a boat on fb that could possibly be her. Would love to know for sure.....


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              I hope you manage to track your relatives down!

              PS It's "Glasgow", not "Glascow" Unless of course you are referring to some sort of ceramic bovine, in which case, please accept my humblest apologies . . .