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Tobias Bruce in 1700s

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  • Tobias Bruce in 1700s

    I have been researching my Bruce family line, but cannot get it back to Scotland.

    A family diary records that three brothers, Tobias, Henry, and Daniel Bruce, came to America from Scotland in the early to mid-1700s.

    Tobias supposedly settled in Baltimore, Henry went to Kentucky, and Daniel came to Georgia, where I live. The names Daniel Bruce and Henry Bruce are too numerous to be of help, but I can find no mention of a Tobias Bruce in any genealogical records in America from that 1700s period.

    Does anyone have information about a Tobias Bruce registered as being born in Scotland in the 1700s? That is the connection I need to begin researching my roots in Scotland.

    Thanks for any help,
    Dan Bruce
    Atlanta, Georgia

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    Possible connection to Scotland

    Another relative (now deceased) made the following connection to Scotland for my family, but I don't know where he got his information. Does anyone have any verification that the James Bruce mentioned below as having died in South Carolina is the same as the James Bruce my relative said was born circa 1735 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire?

    DANIEL Bruce (possibly son of James Bruce Jr. and Mary Runyon Smith?), b. 1772 Pendleton District, Anderson, South Carolina, d. 24 Apr 1854 Cobb Co., Georgia.
    He married Susannah Smith (b. 10 Oct 1774 North Carolina, d. date unknown) on 30 Oct 1794 in South Carolina.
    Children of Daniel Bruce and Susannah Smith:
    (1) John A. Bruce, b. 1813 South Carolina, d. 1880 Boaz, Marshall, Alabama.
    (2) Nancy S. Bruce, b. 1815 Georgia, m. George W. Summers 1836, d. 1875 Floyd Co., Georgia.
    (4) Daniel Robert Bruce, b. 29 Sept 1826, d. 28 Sept 1872

    Below is the connection to Scotland if it can be verified ...

    JAMES Bruce (possibly son of James Bruce and Margaret McMahon?), b. 2 Apr 1735 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. February 10, 1819 Wolf Creek, Pendelton District, South Carolina.
    He married Mary Runyon Smith (b. 1740 Pendleton, Williamsburg, South Carolina, d. 1812/13/20? Pendleton, Williamsburg, South Carolina) in 1756 in Anderson, Pendleton, South Carolina.
    Children of James Bruce and Mary Runyon Smith are:
    (1) William Bruce, b. 1757 Wolf Creek, Pendleton, South Carolina, d. 3 June, 1833.
    (2) James Bruce Jr., b. 28 June, 1760 Wolf Creek, Pendleton, South Carolina, d. 1 Apr 1831 Habersham Co., Georgia.
    (3) John Bruce, b. 1762 Pendleton, South Carolina, d. 1821 Tennessee.
    (4) Patience Bruce, b. 1765 Pendleton, South Carolina, d. 1790 Pendleton, South Carolina.
    (5) Sarah Bruce, b. 1768 Pendleton, South Carolina, d. 1790 South Carolina.
    (6) Daniel Bruce, b. 1772 Pendleton, South Carolina, d. 24 Apr 1854 Cobb Co., Georgia.
    (7) George Bruce, b. 1777 Bamberg, South Carolina, d. 22 May 1855 Cherokee Co., Georgia.

    If that is the correct James Bruce for my family line, I have been unable to verify any information about his parents, and so the search can go no further until I can find more information.

    Thanks again for any help.
    Dan Bruce, Atlanta
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