Recently, my Father (as Americans inevitably do) got heavily involved in our families genealogical background, and put a lot of time and resources into it. In his personal research, which he spent his free time over the span of 2 years doing, he found some really interesting information. My great-great grandmother was a Greer, and as my Dad, from his studies, found is heavily Scottish. We'd just always assumed our family was Irish, and no one had ever bothered to really research. Over generations, I guess these things do get lost if no one ever discusses them. He eventually tracked it back to a Sir William Greirson, to which peaked my Dad's interest. Sir William then goes back to Gregor The 10th Lord of Macgregor, which my dad would later find out is a fairly important name in the Scottish Clan history. My Dad, obviously being no expert in records and the like, was very curious if his research had been correct. He was then advised to contact a genealogical expert in Virginia, because we're from Michigan and there were no such experts, who could help out even more. The expert in Virginia's background is Scotland, and he had a lot of connections with the many genealogy centers in Scotland. As many of you know, these experts can be very pricey, but my Dad paid it anyway; and after 3-4 months, here comes the part I have so many, many questions over.

When he first contacted my Dad, he said that he could definitively state that the research would indicate that we were related to Isabella DeKirkpatrick, Lady of Rochal/Rock Hall. He said that that info was very exciting, but he didn't want to comment on why, because he couldn't prove the possibly exciting news that would accompany it. My Father, who works for the state department in the D.C. area, was asked to come to Virginia, about a two hour drive, so the expert could present the rest of the findings that my Dad was over the moon about. I decided to take my family on a summer vacation to D.C. in conjuncture with the meeting because my dad wanted me there. When my Dad and I got to the office, the expert was on skype with a researcher from the Aberdeen genealogy society, and they were both going to tell my Dad what they'd found. My Dad was presented with certified documents that clearly show that Isabella's mother, Margaret De Somervile's mother was Janet Stewart. At this, my eyes kind of opened a little bit further. I'm no expert on Scottish history, but the Stewart name definitely peaked my interest. Janet's Father, as they would go on to say, was Sir Alexander Stewart Buchan, and knowing who this gentleman was, I knew EXACTLY who his Father was, and who his Father's grandfather was, so I was preparing myself for my Dad's reaction. Sir Alexander Stewart Buchan's father was Robert II, and as we all know, Robert II's grandfather was Robert The Bruce. As you can imagine, my Dad was very excited about the news, and I was happy that my Dad got to be that proud and excited about who, and where he came from.

My question, however, is that even when presented with certified documents, and shown the family lines and trail of paperwork, I have a very difficult time believing that I'm a descendant of not only Robert The Bruce, but the House of Stewart. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, you know? I know people making up stories about being related to Robert the Bruce is likely common in Scotland, but are their cases where it's actually possible. I hate to question the expert, or the Scottish societies because they clearly are certified at what they do, and presented the evidence very well, but this seems so unlikely on so many levels. Because if this were accurate, it would also make me somewhat linked to James I and so many others; it doesn't seem like it's even plausible. Any thoughts from anyone with experience in things like these would be greatly appreciated.