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Tracing from Scotland to South Carolina

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  • Tracing from Scotland to South Carolina

    Texan here who is wondering if there is a good place to find Scots who have done some genealogy towards the US. I can go to 1790s South Carolina for a ggggg grandfather, but don't have his father's name other than he was born in Scotland according to family lore. Perchance someone the otherside of the pond might have come my direction. And a big road block is my ancetor is named John McDonald. Wow, lots of those!!

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    Sorry, but without a name for your ancestor's father, or immigration details for him, you are probably searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

    Good luck with your research, though.


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      I know . But, I received a message today about the following. No clue of it is my 5g grandfather. Perfect timing I suppose!!

      A John McDonald from Isle of Skye about 1765 to South Carolina as a young boy. Sons supposedly: Alexander, Abraham, John, William, David, Levi and Elisha. Also an Allen who was born 1791 in Georgetown, South Carolina.


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        I found a John McDonald born 1723 Stirlingshire, who died in 1761, at Rocky Creek, Chester, SC. He and his wife Elizabeth Ramsey were killed by Cherokee Indians. Their 8 children were raised by John's brother, Hugh McDonald. Not sure if this is your ancestor or not.

        John McDonald, born about 1723; died August 1761 in Chester District, SC. He married Elizabeth Ramsey. [Council Journals, Charles Town SC, 1756, pg 120;" Read the petition of John McDonald humbly setting forth that he had a wife for whom and himself he never had any warrant or survey or grant of land in this province. Therefore humbly prayed his excellency and honours order to the Surveyor General to cause to be laid out to the petition 100 acres of land on Rocky Creek or the waters thereof and that he might have a grant for the same 3 February 1756". Survey 03 February 1756, Colonial Plat Vol 6,pg 214. John records his grant 21 May 1757, Royal Grants Vol 8,pg 33, as did brother Hugh, Vol 8, pg 18. John paid his tax 14 October 1757, Tax memorials Vol 7, pg 155 as did brother Hugh. This is the last entry for John McDonald in the records. John's grant was delivered to Hugh, as noted at the top of the grant. John had another survey certified 09 May 1757, Colonial Plats Vol 6, pg 250, as did Hugh, same page. Hugh picked up this plat and had it granted to himself but this did not occur until 3 August 1762 Jno. McDonald's mark. Brother of Hugh McDonald of Chester County, SC. He and his wife were killed at their home at the confulence of Bull and Rocky Creeks, Chester County, SC, August 1761 by Cherokee Indians. The 7 children kidnapped by the Indians were rescued by a band of men from Chester and returned to their Uncle Hugh McDonald who raised them. His estate was probated Charles Town SC ,Vol 99B p 423/1761-63/January 18,1763. This day Hugh McDonald, Executor, produced before us the appointed appraisers a par==of bonds, notes, and debits to the amount of L1058.2.9, which he says is just and total amount of John McDonald's estate, deceased at Chester SC. Tho Hosford; Rich Horry. All other records were destroyed by a later Probate Judge to make room for storage of his records. Orphans Court, Augusta County, VA, 1773, tells of disposition of the children and awards of guardianship. Chalkely's Chronicals/of Va/. Following the probate of his will in Charles Town, SC it is likley that, for a time, the children returned to Virginia, perhaps to their parents families. June 19,1764, John Ramsey, of Augusta County, VA was made guardian of the children. Augusta County, Virginia Court Records state: "John Ramsey chosen guardian by Mary McDonall aged 16, John McDonall age 14, and the Court appoints him guardian for Francis, Hugh, Rebecca, William, Elizabeth, and Saml McDonall, all orphans of John McDonall." /Chronicals of the Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia, by Lyman Chalkely: Order Book VIII, order#496, Augusta County, VA, June 19,1764/ The Chester County 'Reporter' /newspaper/ March 23 1876: and the “Bulletin” Vol XX March 1996, Chester District Genealogical Society, Richburg, SC; and pg 95 Vol#3 “Women of the Revolution” all report---The 7 children of John McDonald & his wife, murdered by the Indians, were returned to their Uncle Hugh by a band of Rocky Creek men under Thomas Steel Sr. One child had not been kidnapped. Birth data, marriages and family relationships taken from bible of John McDaniel (born 1746) as presented for certification Ashville, Alabama, 1931. Generous amounts of documentation concerning family relationships and land transactions of family members provided by the many years of research by Mr. Mrs. Dan (Ellen) Byrne, Route 1# Box 69-1A, Juliaetta, Idaho, 83535-9608.]
        Children of John McDonald and Elizabeth Ramsey:
        A. Rebecca McDonald.
        B. Elizabeth McDonald, died 1862 in Chester District, SC. [Estat e petition to partition estate of Elizabeth McDaniel, deceased]
        C. Samuel McDonald. May have remained in Augusta County, VA as no futher records found in Chester District or County. [Guard ianship: Appears on Augusta County, VA rolls as son of John McDonald]
        D. Mary McDonald, born about 1751 in Chester County, SC. She married Samuel Johnston in Chester District, SC; died after November 30, 1863. [Estat e of Elizabeth McDaniel, deceased 1862, Chester District, SC.] [1863, Sister; Elizabeth intestate; Petition by Samuel & Mary for Eliz. McDaniel property.] [[Samuel Johnston - 1863, Chester District Probate records Apt #115, pkg # 233, frames 005,010,012,013.]
        E. John McDonald, born January 15, 1745/46 in Augusta County, VA; died January 30, 1812 in Chester SC. He married 1) Christiana ________ April 28, 1767 in His bible record. She was born about 1743, and died April 3, 1773. He married 2) Elizabeth Younge on September 12, 1773 in Chester, SC, [will of father Hugh Younge filed for probate 13 February 1805 Will Bk 5,pg 53, Apt 36 file # 581 Fairfield District] daugh ter of Hugh Younge and Margaret Young.

        John and Hugh McDonald's parents were Hugh McDonald, born 1704 Stirlingshire, and Isobell Tailler. Hugh snr died in 1749, Augusta, Virginia.

        Like I said, I'm not sure if this is your ancestor, but it might be worth taking a further look at.
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