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Information on an Alexander Stewart b. abt. 1630

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  • Information on an Alexander Stewart b. abt. 1630

    While working on my husband's family tree I learned he is a direct descendant of an Alexander Stewart. He was married to Anna Templar. I have been trying to find out if this is the same Alexander Stewart, and brother to Duncan Stewart, that was shipped to Massachusetts in 1662 after they were captured by Cromwell. If someone has solid reliable information, could you please share it and a documented source? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    i'm a Stewart (of Appin), and whilst I have many Alexanders in every generation of my family, none married a Templar.

    Do you have details of where in Scotland your Stewarts originated? There are different clan stewarts, and there were also Stewart families from the Lowlands that were never part of any clan.


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      I'm not sure what to make of his history to be quite honest. I can't find details on him before his marriage. I think his birth date is a guestimation that I found on another family member's tree. I did a search on a search engine taking a shot in the dark and came up with a couple of possibilities. His record of birth may be lost somewhere in time or may not exist at all. The other is that he came here from somewhere abroad and his record still lies where ever he came from. I have an approximate time frame and a very limited possibilities. I did read about an Alexander and Duncan Stewart supposedly on a ship called the "James and Mary" I think, that came here to Massachusetts in 1662. It said they'd been captured in one of Scotland's battles by Oliver Cromwell and sold in the Americas as servants in the colonies. Duncan's side seems to be documented well but Alexander's is somewhat still a mystery. I was looking for anyone who may know since my trail seems to have gone cold. I don't have the funds to sink in to all these genealogy sites but I'd at least like to know the origin of each of our ancestors. He's the only one on my husband's family tree that seems to be from nowhere.


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        Are you looking for something like this ?
        Duncan Stewart

        M, b. 23 August 1629, d. 30 October 1717
        Duncan Stewart was Shipwright. Duncan Stewart, ca. 1623-1717, Kilmadock to Massachusetts
        This family is being researched by Inez Reed and is being discussed here:
        Stewarts of Balquhidder :: View topic - Duncan Stewart 1623 - 1717 "Kilmadock - Banished MA Col
        ***NEW INFORMATION now shows that this Duncan Stewart was probably a son of the following family. See the preceding discussion link for more information.
        Alexander STEWART, 4th of Invernahyle, b. ca. 1600 in Invernahyle, Appin, Argyll, Scotland, son of Donald nan Ord (Donald of the Hammer) Stewart, 3rd of Invernahyle, d. 1692, m a daughter of Duncan STEWART, 7th of Appin and had the following children:
        Donald STEWART
        James STEWART
        John Dhu STEWART
        George STEWART
        John Mor Stewart
        Dugald STEWART
        William STEWART
        Duncan STEWART
        Alexander STEWART, b. 1630 in Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland. Alexander and his older brother Duncan were shipped to the USA as prisoners in 1650 and arrived in Maine.
        Allan STEWART
        Janet STEWART
        Duncan Stewart is the earliest member of our Stewart clan on record as having emigrated from Scotland to the New World. According to family tradition, Duncan was born about 1623 in the parish of Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland. He was a soldier who was captured in the Cromwellian War and was shipped to Massachusetts, USA, as an indentured servant.
        There are a great deal of unfounded and false claims found on and elsewhere on the internet as to the origin of Duncan. It is our intention here to try to separate the false claims from the verifiable ones.
        Duncan Stewart was transported to Ipswich, Massachusetts sometime before 1649. He was enslaved as an indentured servant to George Hadley in whose service he worked as a shipwright. Duncan married about APR 1654 to Ann Winchurst who was an indentured servant of John Cogswell. Duncan and Ann were whipped for fornication by order of the church sometime prior to their marriage.
        On-line sources cite Duncan's parents as Duncan Stewart (b 1595) and Helen Margaret Campbell, however absolutely no documentary evidence nor verifiable family tradition has been found to support these claims. Several on-line genealogies give a fanciful and unfounded genealogy back to Duncan Stewart of Invernahyle, a cadet branch of Clan Appin. We will show these claims to be false.
        The Invernahyle/Appin claim suggests that Duncan's father was also Duncan Stewart. Then the following line is given with absolutely no evidence: Duncan Sr's father is given as Donald Stewart (1560 in Appin, d 1600), son of Alexander Stuart (b 1530 in Appin) and Margaret McDonald, son of Alan Stewart (b 1497 in Appin, d 1562) and "Locheil" (sic, this would be "Daughter of Cameron of Locheil"), etc...
        The family being shown here is the family of the Stewarts of Invernahyle. The Donald Stewart mentioned above (1560 in Appin) is Donald nan Ord Stewart, 2nd of Invernahyle, who did have a son named Duncan Stewart who was 3rd of Invernahyle and who remained in Scotland and had many descendants there, so clearly this tree is wrong. Furthermore, the main branch of the Stewarts of Invernahyle did not live anywhere near Kilmadock at that time. There was one branch of this family who came to Glen Finglas in Callander parish ca. 1620-1650 but would have been too late and too far away to have fathered Duncan in Kilmadock. The next branch of the Invernahyle Stewarts who came to Kilmadock did not arrive until the early 1700s, nearly 100 years after Duncan was born. Thus, it is impossible for Duncan to have been the grandson of Donald nan Ord Stewart, 2nd of Invernahyle.
        The only other family of Stewarts residing in Kilmadock in this era was the family of the Earl of Moray who resided at Doune Castle in Kilmadock. However that family is quite thoroughly accounted for and there is no record of any Duncan having been captured and transported to the New World. Furthermore, this family were siblings to the Queen , so even if such a Duncan did exist in this family and was captured he would have had high enough family connections to have avoided any transportation. And finally, the name Duncan is not found as a given name in that family.
        The only remaining family of Stewarts who resided in Kilmadock in the 17th century were the descendants of the Stewarts of Balquhidder. We will make the case further below as to which branch of the Stewarts of Balquhidder that Duncan most likely descended from.
        Duncan's Birth
        Duncan's death record (cited below) indicates that he was "about 100 years old" at his time of death in 1717. This would suggest a birth date as early as 1617
        The Kilmadock Old Parish Register contains a record of baptism on 23 AUG 1629 for Duncan Stewart son of Duncan Stewart. No specific residence is mentioned, so all we can say is that a Duncan Stewart son of Duncan was born somewhere in the parish and baptized on this date. We cannot make any conclusive suggestions as to his correct family of origin. Many researchers have jumped to the conclusion that this baptism record belongs to this Duncan Stewart. It's entirely possible that it is this Duncan's baptism, but we presently have no evidence to confirm that it is so.
        In fact, the 1629 birth may be too late to be this Duncan if he was captured and transported ca. 1651 with a younger brother.
        Another family tradition cites that Duncan was 94 when he died which would suggest a birth date of 1623. However we have been unable to ascertain the source of this tradition.
        Duncan's Death
        the records of deaths of First Church, Rowley had John Stewart, aged 90 years and 8 or 9 months, which would give him a birth date of February or March 1666, and make his birth in Newbury, three years earlier than Henry's. This verbatim record is also from the same source: "1717. Dunkin Stewart, about (it's thot) an 100 years old, Aug 30"; and "1729. Old Widow Stewart, relict of Duncan, July 9."
        Another family tradition (source unknown) suggests that Duncan was 94 when he died.

        continued here Person Page 590


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          Thank you. Reading that the first time was very confusing but I believe, after some further reading on, I understand. I had run into some of those but they are trees done by others. I want to go by birth and marriage records...not someone else's research. This was very informative on Duncan, but once again, it wasn't very much more on Alexander. Take Duncan out of the picture. I need to find out where to get solid information with something tangible to back it up as to where Alexander Stewart of Massachusetts (first known recorded whereabouts in USA around 1662). Little is known of him and he seems untraceable. I won't give up but this is going to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.


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            Alexander Stewart about 1630

            I am directly related to Alexander Stewart - b: (1640-1720).
            He is my Great Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandfather, born in Inverness, was a Merchant in Inverness, Scotland and father to Bailie John Steuart, in Inverness, who wrote a book that is referenced much in research: The Letter-Books of Bailie John Steuart -1715-1752

            I do not believe he ever went to America, but has grandson did go to Beaufort, South Carolina.