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McClellan, Harry and Brinton family

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  • McClellan, Harry and Brinton family

    The McClellan clan is Scottish and would like to meet other members of the clan. I am related to them on my Mothers side and just now found out. Would like to know more. Anyone having any knowledge of these names please let me know.

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    I posted a reply to your topic, but it seems to have disappeared!

    MacLellan is, indeed, a Scots name - as well as its many 'variations', including McLelland. Here's a history of the clan from a website which is run by a Scotsman who now I believe lives in Canada or the USA. Make sure you check the information therein with other sites as the site freely admits it accepts copy as submitted, but does not check the information submitted.
    The MacLellans of Kirkcudbright

    Another Scots site (actually based in Scotland) is Rampant Scotland Directory I haven't checked their info re MacLellans, but I'm sure it'll be on their list of clans. The MacLellans don't have a chief (I think the line died out in the 1800s), but I think there are a couple of Clan Societies, probably based in the USA.

    Good luck with your research!


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      I am the last McClellan in my family,