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  • Johnstone Campbell family

    Hi, I'm Chilean and my great grandmother was Elizabeth Johnstone Campbell, daughter of Malcolm Johnstone and Elizabeth Campbell (she died in 1927),They travelled from Scotland or England (I don't know well) to Chile. I want information about my family and if somebody know something about the Johnstone Campbell family, please help me.

    Javiera Cobo
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    Unless you can give more details as to where they could have been born/lived I think we may not be able to help you


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      Johnstone Campbell Family

      I think very bit things about my family. I know that Elizabeth Campell and Malcolm Johnstone were married couple and travelled to Chile in 1880 approximately.
      Malcolm was engineer and he played bagpipes to the Queen (this is a anecdote that tell me my grandmother). Elizabeth died in Chile in April of 1927.
      Only know this, but I'm trying find more information about them.


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        Malcolm Johnstone Campbell

        I wrote one thing wrong, my great great garndmother wasn't called Elizabeth her name was Mariana Campbell. She travelled to chile with her husband Malcolm Johnstone approximately in 1870 or 1880. They arrived to Chile with their sons Elizabeth, William and Ernesto, but Malcolm Johnstone Campbell their oldest son left in England or Scotland (I don't Know well).