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  • Help from Isle of Arran

    My ancestor Robert Hendry (father- John Hendry) emigrated from Arran Scotland to America (North Carolina) circa 1770. He is said to be a native of the isle and from the northern area of Lochranza. In my great(2x) grandmother's Bible it says he was banished for support of "Bonnie Prince Charlie" but I suspect the Highland Clearances were the cause for leaving. I have always been told that the Hendry family was formerly MacHendry(MacEanruig?) and part of Clan MacNaughton but I find it is also tied to Clan Henderson. I'm wondering why this branch of Hendry's ended up on the Isle of Arran - away from the lands of their brothers. I would very grateful for any knowledgeable information pertaining to this line Hendry.

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    Henry/Hendrys on Isle of Arran

    Hi, I suspect that you and I may well be related! I too have Hendry/Henry ancestors who left Scotland (including the Isle of Arran) and eventually settled in NC. Two of mine have the same name: William Henry. To tell them apart, they were given nicknames. The older William (who I think came from around Glencoe) was called "Tailor Billy" Henry. One of his daughters, Jane Henry (known as "Jennie") married--get this!--another William Henry. (As far as we know these are not related--then again who knows?!?) Jennie's husband was nicknamed "Long Billy" Henry. Yes it gets very very confusing, but I'm determined to straighten out all these families! After all, what's the point of being Scottish if you can't be stubborn as a , well....Scot???
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