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Robert Grierson from Scotland to Georgia,USA

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  • Robert Grierson from Scotland to Georgia,USA

    Hello, I am new and glad to have found you! I have exhausted all on this side of the ocean, it seems. I am trying to find the parents of Robert Grierson. He was in Georgia/Alabama along with his 4 brothers: George, Col. James Grierson, William who married Lucky Hill in 1810, and Thomas who was an officer in the militia in the U.States but had 3 children still in Scotland: Thomas, David and George.

    My ancestor, Robert married a Creek Indian woman, was reported to be well-to-do, and died between 1816-1817 in Clay County, Alabama. Their daughter Sarah married Stephen Hawkins about 1796.
    George died in the home of John Milledge in 1796.
    Col. James Grierson came to Georgia in 1762 and was murdered by Capt. James Alexander in 1781.
    Thomas, an officer in the militia, died 1775.
    I also have a Mrs. Ann Hopkins in my notes but am unsure if she is related to the brothers.

    I have no birth dates at all for these brothers. I am so hopeful that someone can help me make a real connection back to Scotland. I would be so grateful and I would be happy to share whatever interests you.

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    any idea

    what part of Scotland family is from?

    There are 264 entries for Robert Grierson on the IGI mostly in the lowland counties.

    Any idea who the oldest of the brothers is?
    His first name may be the same as his grandfather's.

    To best search the records knowing the location of the family in Scotland to at least the county level and preferably the parish they were in is best.

    Otherwise you are depending upon someone who recognizes the names of these people from their own research.

    Check to see if there is a Grierson message board at as well as there may be other people in the US that are researching this family.


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      Robert Grierson

      I have found that Ann Hopkins is sister to the five brothers. Don't have any idea of county/parish origin of Grierson's except Dumfries. Also, the time/dates would be approximately 1735 to 1775.
      Have already checked all forums/IGI here. Thanks anyway.


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        Annie if you are still around can you contact Checotah in genealogy please. thank you



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          Grierson ancestry traced to Gilbert, second son of Malcolm, and to Dominus de MacGregor in the 14th C. Associated with Clan MacGregor. Grier I hope this helps, Bob