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  • Hi

    I was just wondering what the difference is between a scottish highlander and a scottish lowlander? Where is each one from? How do I know if I am a highlander or a lowlander? My relatives are from Dumfries/ Dumfriesshire area, along Loch Lomond.

    Thank You


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    Hello there.

    Here's a clan map of Scotland, which may help you a little

    I am from Edinburgh although my father was a Highlander and my mother's family were, too.

    There is often debate in Scotland about what constitutes the 'Highland Line' ie where Scotland is separated into lowlands and highlands.

    I live in what is now called the Central Belt - which encompasses, in the main, Glasgow and its satellite towns/villages, such as Paisley, Dumbarton etc; Edinburgh and its surrounding towns/villages.

    An added complication is that the Borders is considered another, quite distinct area....

    Please note that not all Scottish names were ever part of a clan. The Clans were a highland phenomenon, in the main. However, some of the Borders Families now call themselves clans (just to complicate matters a little further!)

    The Highland Line is not just a straight line drawn across Scotland. For instance, although Aberdeen is way up on the North East coast, it is not considered part of the highlands..

    As for differences between highlanders and lowlanders... well, in reality, nowadays not much! However, my paternal grandparents 'first' language was Gaelic, and my father's family all grew up speaking the language fluently. I, however, have only the basic few phrases that most Scots know.... and have no interest in learning the language.
    I am passionately interested in Lallans, the kind of Broad Scots that has evolved from Auld Scots. Aberdonians and people from that area speak the Doric - a similar 'language'. There is some debate about whether any of them are languages, rather than just dialects.
    Hope this helps a little


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      I think you may have got your geography a bit muddled ... if your ancestors were from the banks of Loch Lomond; that is not in Dumfriesshire ... depending on which side of Loch Lomond it would be Dumbartonshire (Strathclyde) or Stirling/Central districts.


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        hi hazel, if you go to history and have a look at a question i posted ' marriage and illegitamacy' i think it is, some one clears up the definition on highlanders and lowlanders..... good luck