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    One of my realtives was a cousin of Sir William Wallace. My ancestors mother was william wallaces aunt. Because they are related by blood, am I allowed to wear any of the Wallace tartans?. I already belong to Clan Colquhoun and Clan Douglas as septs. Am I allowed to be affiliated with Clan Wallace in any way?

    If I did wear any of the wallace tartans, it would be out of respect for Sir William Wallace. I would never claim to be apart of Clan Wallace

    Thank You


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    I'm not sure what you are asking!

    If you can prove ancestry back to anyone, then of course you can wear a specific clan tartan...

    However, it is more usual to use the clan tartan of the ancestor closest to your generation... Just because it is a sept name, doesn't mean you cannot wear that clan's tartan, you have as much 'right' to it as the 'real' clan name families!!!!

    The truth is, there are no 'tartans police'... if you live in a foreign country, but like a certain tartan (even if it isn't associated with your name) then go ahead, and wear it... You can also wear a district tartan for the area that your family came from - if you know that information. You can also wear tartans like the regimental Black Watch or the ubiquitous red Royal Stewart tartan.

    I would just suggest you steer clear of wearing more than one at a time... some of them 'clash' quite horribly. Oh, and I've always felt a little sorry for anyone called Buchanan - they have probably the 'loudest' tartan in the world!


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      Buchanan Tartan

      LOL at your comment on the Buchanan tartan, "loud" is a very diplomatic way of putting it.

      Although my name isn't Buchanan, my family "belong" to the Buchanan clan and I couldn't agree more that the Buchanan tartan isn't the, nicest(ahem) tartan.


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        'LOUD' TARTANS

        Buchanan tartans
        When I was young I did Highland Dancing... and attended most of the Gatherings with a girl called Heather Buchanan... I seemed to see a 'yellow mist' in front of my eyes, most of the summer!


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          Sense of Humour??

          I think that the person who thought up the Buchanan tartan either had a great sense of humour or was seriously twisted!! LOL.

          I'm surprised you managed to carry on with your dancing with a wee yellow kilt whizzing round in front of you, it would have given me motion sickness I think!


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            William Wallace was a war criminal. All that bigot Mel Gibson did was to glorify the war criminal.


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              William Wallace

              Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and if that's what you think then that's up to you.


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                Re: England is the best

                If you have a problem with Sir William Wallace and who is was, that's fine. However, I have family connections with Sir William Wallace and take great offense to that. I appreciate the sacrifices Sir William wallace made, and also respect him for defending Scotland against English tyranny and oppression If you have so many issues with the scots, why are you on I have no problem with people from England, but I do take offense if anyone is belittling Scotland; especially my ancestors.

                Thank You,



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                  English is best

                  Hullorerr, Bolton.....

                  Ah thocht ah cuid hear clogs and see a cloth cap! How'd you get unbanned?

                  scotsmancd..... Please ignore 'English'.... he's a long time poster here who just loves to rile people.... sadly, the Scots here don't rise to it anymore..... so he keeps trying when he sees new blood, like yourself


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                    Hi Polwarth

                    I responded the way I did because I wanted to get him going. I wanted to see what kind of discussion we could have. There is a method to my madness. I hope I got him stirred up a lit bit, he deserved it. I guess I am very protective when it comes to my heritage and Scotland. It's just a natural impulse with me; when they attack scotland they are attacking me and my ancestors. By the way, what is your name? Where are you from in scotland? I am actually from the United States, Maine to be exact. My ancestors came from Dumfries/ Dumfriesshire area along the banks of Loch Lomond. What clans do you belong to? if you tell me, I'll tell you.

                    See ya


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                      Hello Mike
                      My nom de plume is the name of a village in the Scottish Borders, and it is also a suburb of Edinburgh, my home town.

                      I am a Stewart of Appin, although to be frank, I'm not 'into' all that 'Clan' stuff although I know quite a bit about it... I'm much more into Scottish history and culture

                      Scotland is a dynamic country - and most natives like to live in the present, but pay respect to our past. I suppose that's the benefit of having our history all around us, we do not have to search far - often we move no more than 50-100 miles from where our families originated..

                      Loch Lomond is a lovely area.... There is a very pretty place called Luss - here's the URL for a website owned by one of the Hotels - there are also illustrations of various other tourist attractions in Central Scotland.

                      I have visited the USA on a number of occasions, but I don't know Maine. My favourite city is Boston.


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                        It's kind of funny. I technically have about 4 Scottish Clan Connections. I primarily belong to Colquhoun, but I have family connections throught the Black Douglasses, MacGregors, and have a distant relative that was Sir William Wallace's cousin. So much history. Love reading about kings and queens,etc. So, is Scotland a peaceful country? Where I live in Maine, has a lot of woods and mountains. Snow, Ice, Sun, Rain,etc. One question I had is: If you are going to the Highlander Games once a year, which is better to wear: a regular kilt or an ancient kilt like in " Braveheart". What do people in scotland usually wear? If you could tell me, that would be great. So what do you guys do over there in your spare time?

                        Thank You



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                          Hi Mike

                          Just been reading back and I am a little baffled, you posted:
                          My ancestors came from Dumfries/ Dumfriesshire area along the
                          banks of Loch Lomond.

                          Did you mean that they were from both Dumfries and the Banks of
                          Loch Lomond as Lomond is bordered by Strathclyde and Central, which
                          is north of Dumfries and Galloway !!

                          When I have been to Highland Games the men are usually in what you
                          would call 'Regular Dress' The only time I have seen them in the
                          'Ancient Dress' is when they are doing re-enactments !!

                          There have been Highland Games going on near me at different
                          locations every weekend since July and will not end until September !!


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                            I understood it as Mike's ancestors coming from the Lomond area AND from Dumfriesshire - but now you have posted, I wonder if I got the wrong end of the stick!

                            Mike, like Babz - the only times I've seen the Great Kilt worn at a games is by a group of re-enactors.... although I understand from American friends that it is VERY popular in the USA... Personally, I think that the film Braveheart has a lot to answer for!

                            I also hate to see what you call the 'regular dress' worn incorrectly - ie lace jabots and Prince Charlie jacket during the day, for instance....

                            I suppose that, technically, most natives could be called members of many clans - but usually we just say we are members of our father's clan - or, in some cases, due to family history, our mother's clan. we don't usually go back further than that....

                            As I've explained though, not all Scottish names are part of clans.... In that case, people might wear a district tartan from the area where they live.