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  • HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Im trying to find out about my Birth mother,,,I have her name and about her family etc,,, but have no way to find out about her life from 1945 ----1968 when she died in Maud in Aberdeenshire,she is buried in New Deer Cemtry her name is Elizabeth Cassie in case anyone ever visits that area,
    and none of her relations will disclose any info about their family circumstances how I was born and dumped in an orphange in Edinburgh,, does anyone know if its possible I could write to to get info from Unemployment offices or Benefit offices about my mothers whereabouts from 1945-1968 when she died.
    I have been told she possibly went to England after 1945 and stayed in Bells Green Coventry but someone else said she never left the Village of Maud has anyone any suggestions what I can do to get the truth,,,,,Id like to find out about that part of my life thats missing, I was told my father was an American serviceman that was stationed in that area during 1944, by a loacal who stayed in that village,the person that gave me the info knew the whole family very well,,,,and I believe he is being truthful saying my father was an American serviceman,,,I must have been getting near the skeletons in the Cassie cupboard as someone phone left the message on my answering machine , to stop asking questions about the Cassie family,
    which obviously makes me want to ask all the more, Im sure many like me will tell you part of us feels missing we have to find it all and the reasons WHY?,,Id appreciate any info anyone has on my mother just contact me at,,, all help gratefully recieved

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    I had a thought, MelodionMan. I know there are books that teach people how to do their own private investigation. These might help you: