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the last name Scroggin

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  • the last name Scroggin

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the last name Scroggin comes from the Scotish heritage? Any help will be most appreciated.

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    I did a quick Google search and there is quite a lot of sites for Scroggin/s and Scoggin/s names. A quick glance would seem to point towards the name being Scandinavian (Swedish, primarily) in origin.


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      I did a little more research and found a web-site that says my surname is of Irish origin. What did you find to come up with Scandinavian origin? I don't have Swedish blood in my family we are primarily Scotish and Irish.


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        I did a google search with the key words 'name origins Scoggin or Scroggin'.... It came up with pages (too many to sift!) of sites, and I looked at 2 or three - all of which mentioned Scandinavia..... I'm afraid I don't remember the sites where I read the Scandinavian info.....

        But, as many Scottish names are of Irish or Viking origin, maybe it's not too far fetched for the name to be considered a Scottish one, too? However, I have never heard of it as a Scots name..... but, that doesn't mean it isn't.... just that I've never known anyone of that surname in my area of Scotland.

        What you should do is to trace your ancestry back to the first immigrant to whichever country you live in... from there, it might be possible via passenger lists to know where that ancestor came from... from his/her point of exit from the UK (or wherever it was) you should be able to find them via parish records in the country of origin.

        This is one site which seems to be for the many and various spelling of your name... maybe someone there could help you, which might speed up your own ancestral search

        Good luck with your research !


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          Have searched in the whole of the united Kingdom in the 1881 Census and found that there were only 7 persons of that name, all in England, 4 in Yorkshire, one in Lancashire,
          one in Surrey and one in London
          I do not have the Census returns for Ireland



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            Hiya Marhar
            Hmmmmmm your findings would seem to bear out my belief that the name isn't Scots!!!

            Still, it could be Irish....... I know very little about Ireland, though.