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Child's zip refusal

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  • Child's zip refusal

    I am a childminder and have a problem with a particular child that I childmind for, she is 9yrs old.

    When its time for School, I call her down to get ready but every time she leaves her coat unzipped but as her mum asked me to do, I ask her to zip it but she refuses so, I zip it for her but she moans at me for doing it up for her, saying that her mum let's her leave it undone which I know isn't true because her mum tells me every day that she drops her off that her coat MUST be tied up.

    I have told then child's mum that she refuses to tie it up but she keeps telling me that she will talk to the child but the same thing keeps happening everyday so I am wondering, what should I do, let her leave it unzipped or keep on asking her until her mum takes action?

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    The bairns mum spoke to me when she dropped her daughter off and told me that she spoke to the bairn and more or less told her to stop being stubborn.

    She also told me that the child always moans at her when she is zipping child's jacket as its her way of "trying to get her own way" so her advice was to keep tying up the zip for her until she realises that I'm serious and in control.