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  • Smacking Yes or No

    It just occurred to me when recalling how my father disciplined me as a boy growing up in the 70s and 80s in Glasgow his approach would be considered a little heavy handed maybe even abusive. Whenever I misbehaved he would unbuckle his belt, have me bend over and give me maybe ten/ twelve smacks on the behind. In those days this would be fairly normal and indeed my friends would have got the same from their parents. It's got me wondering is there anyone who would condone this today and do parents even smack these days

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    I never smacked my children.

    I do recall my Mum occasionally skelping the backs of my legs, though.


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      I think there are more effective methods, but I do remember being SO terrified of the sound of my dad slapping his folded in half belt together that I couldn't be good enough! I don't remember being smacked with it though, just afraid of that sound!

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        I grew up in the 70s and 80s as well and I was subject not just to the odd smack but the occasional severe beating but that was the norm in those days. The only thing smacking teaches kids is that violence is a means of achieving what you want which isn't a good lesson to learn.
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          Definitely no. Absolutely no need for it.


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            Who got the belt at school ?

            I think I was a good kid but the odd forgetfulness, chattiness or occasions of collective punishment meant, in the 1960's, for the last 2 or 3 years at primary school and first 3 years at secondary, my turn up-front, one hand over the other, getting that electrifying numbness and deep imprint with groove, followed later by the excruciating blood-rush and bright red palms and wrists - the red badge of courage !

            Teachers ranged in belting power from Mavis Riley to Ivan The Terrible !

            Some pupils took great pride in how many they could take from a "hard" teacher. Some teachers were frightening - the quiet, calm ones were the most deadly when they picked up that stiff length of thick leather !


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              showing kids its ok to hit people is never gonna be a good idea.