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    I have a 3 year old daughter (Elise) and a 17 month old son (Jackson) I'm curious as to what your parenting style is (if you have one)

    In America we have several types of moms. Naturally I assume that other countries have the same but would like to know for sure. I'm part of several mommy groups that have moms from different countries but none from Scotland.

    Personally I don't fit one style. I believe they all have good and bad. I don't cloth diaper (trending again here) I formula fed (though it's common it's a huge debatable topic in many of my mommy groups) I believe creating a secure attachment is psychologically one of the most important things a parent can do for a child. I will under no circumstance let my child cry it out. I don't believe in letting my children misbehave in public. I teach my children manners and respect. At the same time I want my kids to be kids. Get dirty, make things, jump on their bed, make noise and all the fun stuff.
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    my kids 13 and i basically let him do what he wants (within reason)

    hes generally ok and knows whats right and wrong, gets all his home work done before the ps3 gets turned on, does all his chores etc

    hes always been quite mature so its been an easy life for me really lol


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      I am a Christian homeschooler (spot the trend if you will) so our kid spends a lot of time with me and the wife. She is blessed that she will learn both from my culture and hers. Discipline has to be done on the spot and in love, my kid was breast fed and regular diapers (nappys for the Scots) Wouldnt really say I have a "style" as such, kids don't come with manuals and I enbrace the uniqueness and strive to be the kind of father that my kid requires me to be.
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