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  • Holidays and Family

    Family feud?

    Don't let it ruin your holidays. Use these friendly comebacks the next time your Mom or sister ticks you off during the holidays.

    Ouch!! Sometimes, families and holidays are a deadly combination. Whether it's a competitive sister or an overly critical mother, one of the greatest holiday stresses is keeping the peace with those we are supposed to love the most.

    Think in advance about how you are going to respond to relatives who push your buttons. Think of these people as fishermen...they're throwing out lines in hopes of hooking you. Your task is not to take the bait.

    Here are two responses when a hook comes out. The first is, "Thanks for your opinion,: followed by a friendly subject change: "How about those candied yams?" (It's OK to allow yourself an inner eye-roll. but with this reply, you acknowledge that you got the message and signal that the subject is closed. The second response recognizes that the hook is really a desire to express caring, even though it doesn't feel so good to you. in these circumstances, say as warmly as possible, "Thanks for caring about me." Then change the subject. This assures the speaker they were heard and avoids any unpleasantness; the subject probably won't come up again.

    In the heat of the moment, it can be hard not to take the bait. But if your desire to keep the peace stays front and center, happy holidays can be more then just a saying.

    LOOK AHEAD Rehashing the past is an absolute waste of breath. When this occurs, it's useful to say something like, "Let's not look backward. We may never agree on what happened. What's important is we're here now together."

    Say "Ouch"
    If you can't stop from replying to relatives who hurt with snide remarks, try saying, "Ouch" before changing the subject. It's remarkably effective in conveying to others that you've been hurt without having to justify yourself. The other person may not admit she caused any pain. But, if nothing else, you've recognized that it stings. And that helps take the sting away.

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    Holidays and Family

    Romance resolutions Instead of resolving to eat better or get organized in the NEW YEAR, why not commit to creating a harmonious love life? Make one of these vows today:

    1. I will cook his favorite meal for no reason, even if it involves unholy amounts of sausage.

    2. I will put his coffee mug in the dishwasher---every $%@# morning, if
    necessary---without mumbling evil things under my breath.

    3. I will not keep score of the number of nights he's watched his favorite shows versus the number of nights I've watched mine.

    4. I will bust out the nice lingerie I haven't worn since our honeymoon.

    5. I will listen without interrupting---even when I know that I am right.

    6. I will not yell at him for hogging the bathroom for 15 minutes when I plan on using it for the next hour.

    7. I will find at least one thing to thank him for every single day.


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      gimme a break! I've spent my whole adult life doing for, him, he, his.
      How about him doing something for her, she, her's, for a change....


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        ...Y''ve got a point. PLEASE DON'T "kill the messenger"!!


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 ya'll can correct me IF I'm wrong, but...aren't ya'll wonder women...and EVERYONE just "KNOWS" all you Scotsmen are...TALL, BRAWNY, HANDSOME...


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            If I'd made those same remarks while in the Spanish school...the other nationalities would've known that I was kidding them...


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              Originally posted by Texasmujer View Post
              If I'd made those same remarks while in the Spanish school...the other nationalities would've known that I was kidding them...
              It never entered oor minds that ye were kiddin us, Texasmujer. Yer description was spot on!!


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                ...lo mejor...

                Pero...lo mejor es los Tejanos...!! LOL (y los de escocia son los te procupas!! JUST KIDDING, of course!!) LOL


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                  Listen up, might get away wae that kinna talk ower by..but oan these boards, we Scots are second tae none!


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                    ...and, then...there's us!! ...


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                      Aye, okay...excludin you mods of course...a breed unto yersels..


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                        ...esta bien!...

                        Si, como no? Feliz navidad todos!!


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                          Feliz Navidad to you and yours too, my friend!


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                            ...all in all...I DID wish ya'll a MERRY Christmas...LOL Til later...