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Funny things an eight year old boy says...MY SON...said this

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  • Funny things an eight year old boy says...MY SON...said this

    Yes, eight year olds have a unique perspective on the his second grade class they asked them end of the year questions and they needed to fill in the blank....guess what he said:

    My Thoughts as a Second grader:

    I will read this when I am 1000 years old!!!

    What did you learn in second grade?

    I wold lern numbers better.

    What advice would you give to someone starting second grade?

    yos paws...

    (translation use paws (paws is a little reward program for the kids that behave themselves)

    If you were a teacher what is a rule you would have?

    tell the clas to have reses all day. (recess all day).

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    A basketball plaer.


    Because I am tall. (He is folks!)

    How old will you be when you get married?

    20. That is OLD!!

    How many kids will you have?

    I will have 2

    Where will you live? In cororado.

    What advice would you give someone who is getting married?

    Do your best....if you can.

    A good husband is...
    Somone nis

    A good wife.....
    A nis mom.

    If I had a million dollars I saker and basketball al day longe.

    If I had to take one item to a desert island what would you bring?

    A tv. Cuz if I am by meselfh I wold get bored....and maybe fiv coconuts. I love coconuts.
    “I have learned that you can win the battle over the most powerful of nations, the United States, if you have the moral force behind you.” — Rubén Berríos (about his transforming experience after the sacrifices he had to make for the Navy-Vieques protests)

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    Thats soo cute. You know what also is insane. what and 18 year old says.

    This chick I swear it wasn't me (we were cleaning up and this kid got caught on the lane rope I don't have a clue how..
    (Me)"you want to get em' out or me"(it wasn't life threatening or anything) (her) "you cause I don't want to get my hair wet.." um.....WE'RE LIFE GUARDS WHO does that seriously I swear if somones drowning she'll be like sorry I'm waiting for my nail polish to dry will you get this one thanks babe.

    oh and I'm not proud of this but I also had to fill out this ladies sheet saying she swam two miles for a boat thing and I dated it 7/26/07 but it was 6/26/06
    she had to point it out to me and then I didn't believe her and I tried to convice her it was 2007. I still don't know why I thought it was 2007...I'm sorry I had to vent that story somewhere...