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looking for alan james holt

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  • looking for alan james holt

    Hi, im looking for my father and have been for a long time now if anybody can help i would be so greatfull.Its so important that i find him as i am having many health problems at the moment and im only 20 ,he has 2 granchildren now.His full name is alan james holt he was born in greenwich,kent.he was last seen in penge/london around 5-6 years ago an maybe lived in shortlands bromley.he may have a new partner by now and maybe more children his around 50 now.his mothers name is enid if thats the right spelling he has many brothers and sisters some of there names areaul,clive,james,dian,ralph.i HAVE BEEN TOLD HE MAY HAVE MOVED TO SCOTLAND please help me someone as i dont know what eles to do now 07904802384

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    Hello Sarah
    You may have more luck if you post this in the 'Missing' forum, further down the boards.

    BTW - it is never a good thing to put your telephone number online People can contact you via the PM service on this site if they have any info for you.