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  • spiritual brighting of you r spirit

    I could not believe that if you don't know your self what something is in religion that a person could encourage it and feel valid in defending what they don't know. With political tensions so high, encouraging a religion that you seemingly have no clue about could be detremental to life. Just because something seems to be organized dosen't validate blind fate.
    Personaly, regaurdless if anyone thinks my tone has been harsh at anytime, continue to discourage pologimay, and any hatred preaching at anytime. I refuse to be scared, to let fear run the show.
    Remember to keep a constant conscience when researching religion too many people take what they know and turn organized religion into their own version with no good reason to and only ignorance is the culprite to encourage such stupidity because the girl/guy has a danty voice and there may be a chance for personal profit. To feed of the young or gulable is weak in all senses most of all in character.
    Buck up and have an ethic or two. Set your morals high on your stature and don't live in fear.
    Even though bad politics are scary...

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    Im not exactly sure what you are talking about but just wanted to make a comment, religion is just a word I prefer to see it as a relationship that I have between God and myself, one does not have to go to church to be a christian and you dont have to only go to church on a Sunday to worship, it should be a daily thing, just my opinion