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Are You Teaching Your Kids to Hate Work?

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  • Are You Teaching Your Kids to Hate Work?

    When adults gripe about work woes, kids learn to dread the workplace. In a study by the Families and Work Institute, 60 percent of children thought their parents didn't like their jobs even though most actually did. Noting that "kids listen to us to understand how to think about work," E.Galinsky, institute president, offers these wotk-positive alternatives.

    WHAT NOT TO SAY: "I'd quit this job, but we need the money."
    SAY INSTEAD: "We do need the money I make, but that's not all I get from my work. My job interests and challenges me, too."

    WHAT NOT TO SAY: "I'm beat, but I have tons left to do. It never ends!"
    SAY INSTEAD: "I worked really hard today and still have a lot to do tomorrow, but I know I'll be proud of what I accomplish."

    WHAT NOT TO SAY: "My boss is driving me nuts! Nothing satisfies her."
    SAY INSTEAD: "My boss is very particular. Sometimes my first effort isn't exactly wht she wants, so I have to try again."

    WHAT NOT TO SAY: "Why do incompetent idiots get promoted above me?"
    SAY INSTEAD: "Competition is hard but it inspires me to improve."

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    actually, i think it's useful if you teach your child.

    because you will become easier if they met the difficult in future.

    you know that child is not easy to control when they grow up and got control.


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      I dont hate my job but I see at as a means to an end as probably most people do. I think if you are lucky enough to be doing a job you love then that is great but does not tend to happen very often. Kids need to know about the realities of life but I think its great to encourage them to follow a career that they will be happy doing. My DD knows exactly what she wants to do and is taking the appropiate exams to help her acieve her goals. I will give her all the support I can but the reality is she may not end up loving her job only time will tell.