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10 Baby Steps To a Healthy, Happy Family

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  • 10 Baby Steps To a Healthy, Happy Family

    We'd love it if our families ate all their vegetables, got plenty of exercise, and ditched the sodas. But proposing too many big changes at once can be overwhelming. Instead, tdry these 10 baby steps to ehlp make your family healthier.

    1. EAT AT LEAST ONE (HOME-COOKED) MEAL A DAY TOGETHER> This helps your family twofold. You can make sure your dchikldren are eating nutritious, well-balanced meals, and everyone can reconnect as a family.

    2. EXAMINE YOUR FAMILY'S FOOD CHOICES. Start reading the
    labels on the foods you buy for you and your family. Try to avoid foods with a lot of presesrvatives and additives. If you need a master's degree in chemistry to comprehend the list of ingredients, put it back on your shelf.

    3. MAKE REGULAR TRIPS TO THE DOCTOR AND THE DENTIST. At the doctor, make sure all vaccines are up-to-date. In addition, older family members should schedule yearly physicals and regular blood tests. When it comes to the dentist, aschedule regular checkups every six months. Instill good dental hygeine early for your younger children by instructing every member of the family to brush and floss their teeth regularly.

    4. UNPLUG. One night a week, or two nights a month, make an effort to unplug---the TV, the phone, the computer---and connect with your family. Not only is it a great time to bond, but it stimulates your mind and helps make n emotional connection.

    5. GET PHYSICAL. Everyone knows the great benefits of exercise, but finding the time to squeeze in a workout can be challenging. Raaaaaaaaaather than have your family train for a marathon, become involved in local charity walks. Or, if you have a dog, get the family together in the evening and take your pooch for a stroll. Plan "Sunday
    rides" instead of "Sunday drives."

    6. SLEEP TIGHT. Make sure everyone gets the reecommended amount of sleep every night. Try to get your sleeping patterns on a schedule---go to bed and wake up close to the same time every day. For adults, this means a good six hours,and it varies for childeren depending on their age.
    According to experts, older teenagers do well with eight or
    nine hours a night, while toddlers need up to 14 hours.

    7. REDUCE CAFFEINE. If yur family consumes too much cafffeine, start by reducing the intake, instead of just eliminating it altogether. Try tro stay away from buying sugary sodas at the store; they contain hidden calories, as well as caffeine.

    8. STAY PROTECTE. Limit your familiy's time in the sun, and make sure they wear sunscreen---especially during the summer months.

    9. KEEP IT CLEAN. Washing your hands is a little step that can go a long way on the road to good health. Make sure you teach your children to lather before meals, after visiting the bathroom, and after touching any dirty objects or surfaces.

    10. DRINK UP. Experts say drinking water can help keep you healthy and hydrated. Eight to 10 glasses everyday is the recommended amount.

    By taking a few minutes out of your day to follow these simple steps, you can slowly ease these lifestyle changes into your family's regular routine. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying more quality time with your loved ones, while also moving your family toward a healthier way of life.

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    "Quality time" gets a bad press these days because some parents use that as an excuse to not actually spend much time with their little munchkins, but I really believe it makes a huge difference if you can get a bit of special time with your kids, one to one if you can manage it. Bedtime stories, lullabies for the littlest ones or even going to the pool together, whatever. They behave better too, afterwards!


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      "Oh, definetly!!" Time spent with your chid is priceless...and is what they remember most.


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        Can't agree more with the caffeine thing though. Do you have proplus? I used to take them on top of about six coffees and got really strung out over a few months. Hell to live with when I gave them up. Made it down to one coffee in the morning and am MUCH nicer person to be with!


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          I need to print out your original post on this thread, TM. Wonderful advice. Time with the kids is often wasted or not even taken. But, at the same time, it is also often very difficult to squeeze in with two working parents (or one, if you're a single parent). Not to play the devil's advocate or anything like that, but I felt I needed to throw that in. However, when working parents can't spend much time during the work week with their kids, there's always the weekends, where more quantity, as well as quality, time can be spent with them.

          I also agree with your thing about caffeine. No, I don't drink sugary sodas with the stuff; I tend to do the diet ones. Not too often, to be sure, but there are times when they really pull me over the hump. Diet Mountain Dew is my favorite, as it has the highest caffeine content of all the Pepsi(?) beverages, although diet Coke will also suffice. I know better, but every once in a while, there's nothing better.
          As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


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            Time ALWAYS seemd to be in too short supply---I WAS a single parent; no fun, there! I said that badly---I LOVED the time I had with my daughter; it's just that we were ALWAYS rushed fo r time, it seemed. ANd, it goes by SO QUICKLY!!


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              I hear you, TM, as I am a new single mother of a soon-to-be eight year old daughter, divorcing after thirteen years of marriage. The time we have together is precious, but, like you, it seems that it's always in short supply. Work, her school and homework, housework, moving, packing and unpacking, etc. Today she did my hair up and made me look like Mickey Mouse of all things! Little monkey!! :-D
              As the stars in their vast orbits, God's timing knows neither haste nor delay.


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                Suzy_homemaker...Im sorry to hear about your divorce...the best of luck to you in this new phase of your life!! A divorce is so damn disruptive...but, it ALSO is an opportunity to start anew---It sounds like you and your daughter have a really close relationship...that is SO 'Neat'!!