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    (I wasn't sure whether to put this here, or in the health column...)

    Making time to gather around the dinner table each day may help your family eat more healthfully.

    A recent study revealed that adolescants who ate their meals in the pescence of a parent were more likely to eat more fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich foods. Just be sure to flick off the television; having it on during meals decreased fruit and vegetable intake of both parents and children.

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    Hey. our family meals are always round the table. providing 'Home an Away' has finished by this time. regadless of other commitments, we eat round the table and I must confess, my young uns will eat almost anything, bar the young un who has gone mainly vegetarian, bar the bacon butties. This not only gets them to eat lots of diferent things and is a superb place to teach table manners, but also gives the family a daily focus where problems can be sorted out. In short, the family get together over meals is a great forum for family problems. try it and you could find how enjoyable and rewarding it can be.


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      It seems as though it's hard to get everyone ogether; you are VERY LUCKY to have this time with your family around you.