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auntir ellen's winter warmer

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  • auntir ellen's winter warmer

    naw mah auntie ellen's but ah hought ye might like iss yin

    1/2 bottle whisky
    1/2 lb caster sugar
    1/2 lb clear honey
    1/3 pint sweet cider
    small bottle of rosehip syrup

    mix sugaer,cider,honey and the syrup together in a large bowl. add the whisky and stir throughly for a few minutes. bottle and store in a cool place. if rosehip syrup is nae available then any fruit syrup will suffice. the quantities can be reduced in proporshun if required. scottish heather honey is preferable. a delicious sweet potent drink.

    ye best read iss fasst as um naw suppose tae post in iss forum, and have been telt that mah posts will be deleted, so enjoy while ye can if ye can at aw.

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    This thread will not be deleted as it is appropriate to the forum topic.
    It is non relevant one's that I will delete !!


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      Deathtokilthag: crackin nickname!


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        Hi, Porty

        Still living with the 'Outlaws' or have you managed to complete the London sale?!

        Don't start on the 'kilt hags' topic - I've had to explain it in the Relgion forum....!

        It appears that few, if any, here had heard that term before.


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          haw err Polwarth an portwemyss, hooz trix?
          ta fer readin iss threid...ah suppose in time it wull be deleted ah ken its jist a matter of time ah dinnae ken when as ah have nae recieved any news frae ra ossifers of iss locale.
          ah cannie unnerstan wha ye had tae explain aboot mah name,perplexing, curiouser an curiouser