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Goat & Oat crumble.

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  • Goat & Oat crumble.

    1 medium sized goat, boned, gutted and skinned.
    10 lbs of rolled oats
    2 large jars of honey
    10 pints of ale
    50 shallot onions
    20 large potatoes
    5 medium-sized heads of broccoli
    15 bell peppers
    3 pineapples
    2 lbs of butter
    Small bottle of whisky

    Mix the honey and whisky until blended.
    Chop the goat into medium-sized chunks then marinade in the hosky overnight. Drink 4 of the beers.

    Next day, roast the chunks over a wood fire, adding pine cones and some green wood for smokey flavour. Baste with leftover hosky from the marinade when dry or scorched. You can add a bit of water to it if there's not enough.

    Chop all the other ingredients except for the oats and taters. In a large cauldron, fry in butter until crisp then slowly add 4 pints of ale until it's stewing consistency. You may have to add a bit of springwater.

    Meanwhile, cut the taters into chips, deep fry until light gold, then set aside to cool. Fry the oats in the rest of the butter, adding a touch of ale when the oats get too dry. Careful to not let them sog! We're looking for crumble not porridge.

    Fold the roast goat chunks into the stew, refry the chips when they've cooled, fold them into the dry-ish oats, then top the stew with oat & chip crumble.

    Garnish with a bit of goat's cheese and hosky then stick the cauldron into a huge oven and bake for 30 mins.

    Should be tasty

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    Not too sure about the chips, come to think of it.


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      Let's just say I don't think it will replace haggis as our national dish


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        Ok, but how's about... Goat Haggis!


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          Naaaah, it'll never catch on in Scotland.
          Gonnae get ower your fixation wi oats an goats? Just because they rhyme, disnae mean the go thegither


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            However, we might consider goat coated in honey and rolled in oats before covering in batter and deep frying in the chip pan.