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Oh Boy - It's Saveloy !

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  • Oh Boy - It's Saveloy !

    My son has asked me a very searching question. When we come to Scotland for our hols this summer, for sure the first food we want to taste when we arrive in Edinburgh is a supper from a chippie. It's one of those craving things, when you can't get it where you live. My wife and daughter will have a fish supper, I'll have a fish or haggis supper (liberally doused with chippie brown sauce) and my son wants a saveloy supper.

    Haud on a minute ! Saveloy ? In all my days man and boy, I can't ever remember seeing a saveloy in a Scottish chippie (likewise 'rock' salmon) ! But it could have changed in recent times.

    Can you get a saveloy in a Scottish chip shop ?

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    ive never even heard of it....sayin that im of the salt n vinegar side of the country so they saucey easterners might eat anything


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      And apparently they do

      Red pudding is a meat dish served mainly at chip shops in parts[which?] of East Scotland as an alternative to fish (see fish and chips). The ingredients consist of bacon, beef, pork, pork rind, suet, rusks, wheat flour, spices, salt, beef fat and colouring.

      This clumpy red-coloured mixture is then formed into a large sausage-like shape of roughly eight inches in length, no different from its black, haggis and white pudding relatives. To encase it, the food is thickly coated in batter, deep fried, and served hot, ready to be taken away. Bought on its own it is known as a single red, or when accompanied by chips it is known as a red pudding supper.

      The taste is said [by whom?] to be similar to a saveloy, a type of pork sausage, .....

      Red pudding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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        Originally posted by Lachlan09 View Post

        Can you get a saveloy in a Scottish chip shop ?
        Haven't been to a chip shop for ages, but thinking back to say, the 1970s, there was "smoked sausage" on the menu, as well as sausage, cod, haddock, chicken, burger etc. "Saveloy", when encountered in the deep dark south later, seemed to be the same thing, or as near as makes no difference. Sort of nice, and sort of over-salted and disgusting.