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Tap Water in Scotland

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  • Tap Water in Scotland

    Hello everybody!

    I am working for a social science research institute in Germany and we are currently conducting a survey throughout the EU member states and Norway and Switzerland. We are investigating how subjectively satisfied the EU citizens are with their tap water, what they think about water as a product in general, how they are using water, etc...

    We are especially looking for people from Scotland for our survey. It would be great if you could take some time and look into it. If you follow the link below and click on the Scottish flag afterwards, you arrive at the survey


    It takes around 10 minutes to work through the questions and no personal information will be gathered within the survey. As an additional incentive, several prizes are raffled among all participants.

    We are thankful for everybody who would like to participate. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact me via post or in a private message.
    All the best and thanks again,


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    Well, here in Oman, the tap water isn't generally drunk. In theory, it's supposedly safe to drink, however the reality is that everyone buys bottled water, either brands produced in Oman/UAE etc or else European brands such as Evian, Highland Spring etc. Only on Friday, I brought home 16 x six packs of 1 ltr bottles for drinking etc. That should last about a couple of perhaps weeks (less now the weather's hotting up).

    On the piped water supply front though, the local water infrastructure has failed in my part of Muscat. We've not had piped water for a week and a half and the district has to rely on water supply trucks. The blue water trucks charge RO 10-15 (GBP 15-20) a time to fill your house water tank which lasts about 3 days. I've had 3 refills so far. A rip-off but not much choice.


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      Completed your survey, Anika.

      I'm actually very happy with the quality of water here. I remember, though, living in London and finding it not really good, and we preferred to use water filters etc. there.

      The results of your survey should be interesting: I mean, one does rather tend to forget to think about water, despite its enormous importance.

      Lachlan, Oman sounds as though it would be quite a culture shock. Of course, it would quickly become normal, but I do often feel a bit bad that we can be so wasteful of water over here, forgetting what a valuable and utterly essential resource it is. Then again, it's something we do have rather a lot of. (My spelling checker thinks you should be "Lachrymal", which is suitably watery, I suppose.)